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China’s TON community will set up its own blockchain network

May 29, 2020

The completed Telegram Blockchain project, Telegram Open Network or TON continues to generate new community-led TON networks.

While So far there have been at least two global initiatives based on TON, namely Free TON and NewTONthe Chinese TON community has decided to set up its own TON network.

In a blog post on May 29, the Chinese TON community expressed its intention to set up a separate TON-based network. The new effort is in response to Telegram CEO Pavel Durov officially canceling the company’s participation in the project.

Testnet in a blockchain is a first step

China’s TON community will set up its own blockchain networkChina’s TON community will set up its own blockchain network

The community plans to set up its own TON blockchain test network and launch a project website.. Similar to initiatives like Free TON, the Chinese TON community will try to attract more participants to develop the network. The blog post says:

“We plan to start the TON blockchain test network as a first step, attract more nodes and developers to join and test the network, and then redesign the network rules that are better suited to the current context and more people invite to experiment and use TON “.

The announcement also highlights some important issues related to community-led TON initiatives, including: Problems with the initial assignment, lack of integration in the telegram messenger and lack of incentives for developers.

Tooz Wu founded the Chinese TON community in May 2019

The post was written by Tooz Wu, a Beijing-based blockchain researcher and founder of the Chinese TON community. According to Wu’s LinkedIn page, the Chinese TON community is the most active TON community in China.

After Wu founded the community in May 2019, he founded a telegram community group in October 2019. Speaking to Cointelegraph, Wu said he was also a member of the TON Community Foundation, an independent global community of TON developers.

Wu is not only a key figure behind the Chinese TON community, but also the creator of, a website that summarizes the main sources of TON. Wu is also known for translating Telegram’s TON white paper into Chinese.

TON officially passes the torch on to the “Free Source Community”.

While the Chinese TON community is preparing to launch its own TON network, there are currently at least three TON-based blockchain successors.

Apparently, These communities don’t get along very well. In one Tweet On May 7, the Chinese TON community explicitly criticized Free TON, claiming that the initiative did not represent the actual TON community:

“Free TON is a shit of the TON Labs Company. It doesn’t represent the TON community. Who is the head of the TOS Labs Company?

Earlier this week, the original TON development team announced that their efforts were being “redirected to other projects”. In a statement on May 24, they stated that “the main development of the TON code will be transferred to the free source community”.