China says it has “expelled” a US destroyer after an “intrusion” in the Paracels Islands


The Chinese Ministry of Defense has reported that on Friday it “expelled” a destroyer from the United States following an “intrusion” into Chinese territorial waters near the Paracels Islands, in dispute between China, Taiwan, Vietnam and other countries.

The US ship, the destroyer 'USS Wayne E. Meyer' entered the waters near the Paracels Islands “without permission from the Chinese Government,” explained a Chinese military spokesman, Colonel Li Huamin, according to the newspaper 'South China Morning Post '.

China says it has “expelled” a US destroyer after an “intrusion” in the Paracels Islands
China says it has “expelled” a US destroyer after an “intrusion” in the Paracels Islands

Navy and Air Force troops showed up at the scene, identified, investigated, warned and expelled the American destroyer.

“The United States has long ignored international laws and regulations to exercise a 'naval hegemony' in the South China Sea. Such actions have seriously undermined China's sovereign interests and show that the United States completely lacks sincerity in maintaining global peace and regional security and stability, “said Li.

“Our forces will take all necessary measures to decisively defend national sovereignty and security and safeguard peace and stability in the South China Sea,” he added.

In recent years, Beijing has expanded its presence in the South China Sea by artificially increasing the territory of small atolls where it has built facilities for military purposes. The area includes the Spratly archipelago, consisting of a hundred islets and reefs scattered in an area of ​​more than 400,000 square kilometers.

The archipelago is the focus of a territorial conflict between China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam that claim parts or all of this territory. Brunei has also marked its presence in some reefs of the archipelago, without formally claiming them.

The International Arbitration Court of The Hague ruled in July 2016, at the request of the Philippines, that there is no legal basis for claims filed by Beijing in the maritime zone within the “nine-point line” in the sea of ​​the Southern China

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