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China rejects the new US tariffs on its imports

August 25, 2019

BEIJING, Aug. 25 (Reuters / EP) –

China has announced this Sunday that it will defend its position and counteract US action to increase tariffs on Chinese products, as reported by the 'People's Daily' or 'People's Daily', a newspaper published by the Chinese Communist Party.

“China is certain that it will follow its own path and that it will never hesitate in its position to counter any provocation by the United States,” the newspaper adds.

“American politicians, who try to hinder China's economic development, want to use the tactic of exerting maximum pressure on our country,” the article said. “The United States will not win the trade war because of the difficult situation faced by its farmers and businesses,” he adds.

China, which strongly opposes Washington's decision to impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods worth $ 550 billion, has warned the United States of the consequences it may have if it does not put an end to its “wrong actions.”

Trump announced on Friday an imminent increase in tariffs for imports from China, hours after the Chinese government announced a similar measure and in full escalation of political and commercial tensions between the two powers.

“China should not have put new tariffs at $ 75 billion of US products,” Trump said on Twitter, referring to a measure he has attributed to political reasons. Specifically, Beijing will impose additional tariffs of between 5 and 10 percent on 5,078 products as of September 1.

Trump has confirmed that on the same day, Chinese goods and products that until now were tied to a 10 percent lien – valued at “$ 300 billion” – will rise to 15 percent. One month later, on October 1, the goods subject so far to a 25 percent tariff – and adding up to “250,000 million dollars” – will apply 30 percent.