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China recognizes blockchain in its pandemic preparedness strategy

July 1, 2020

The Chinese authorities are trying to increase their readiness for future epidemics. and they recognized blockchain technology as a key component in the response.

The Chinese National Health Commission circular released its plan on June 30. how to increase support for information technology in the face of future pandemics. A key component of this strategy is the use of blockchain technology to improve data exchange between medical institutions.

Sharing data is key

The Commission encourages local health authorities to promote data exchange and collaboration between online hospitals and physical medical facilities. They say that blockchain technology must be implemented to ensure safe flow and authorized access to patient medical data:

“Local health departments should promote data interconnection between ‘internet hospitals’ and regional information platforms and medical facilities at all levels, connect service links both online and offline, and provide patients with full process monitoring services that cover pre-diagnosis during and after diagnosis. “

Share data with the government

China recognizes blockchain in its pandemic preparedness strategyChina recognizes blockchain in its pandemic preparedness strategy

According to the announcement, Other measures are also being taken to promote the use of electronic certification by medical institutions, doctors and nurses.

These electronic certificates must be integrated into government service platforms to improve these services, the plan says.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, Chinese local government launched its first blockchain platform to provide government services.