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China is accused of limiting Uighur births in Xinjiang

July 1, 2020


China is reportedly conducting a targeted campaign to limit the births of the Uighur population in Xinjiang, a predominantly Muslim region in the west of the country. This is the thesis that has been defended by a study published by the Jamestown Foundation that Beijing has quickly denied.

Adrian Zenz, an expert in China and particularly Beijing’s policies towards Xinjiang and Tibet, has analyzed government documents to produce his report, “Sterilization, Forced Abortions, and Mandatory Birth Control: The Chinese Communist Party’s Campaign to Suppress Birth Rates,” Uighurs in Xinjiang ‘.

China is accused of limiting Uighur births in XinjiangChina is accused of limiting Uighur births in Xinjiang

Since the Chinese government launched its campaign to transform Xinjiang into a “draconian police state” in late 2016, it has also been noted that “intrusive state interference in reproductive autonomy” has been identified among the Uyghur people.

Although he acknowledges that state reproductive control in China is somewhat widespread due to the one-child policy, “the situation in Xinjiang has become particularly serious after the mass internment policy launched in early 2017” re-education camps set up by the Chinese government, and probably until to hold a million Uighurs, a minority of the Muslim religion.