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China approves first patent for COVID-19 vaccine

August 17, 2020

Chinese authorities have approved the first patent for a vaccine against COVID-19 in the hopes that it can be mass-produced in the short term should the data deteriorate in the Asian giant, the country of origin of the new coronavirus, and accumulate more than 89,400 Cases.

The Intellectual Protection Agency has given the go-ahead for a patent for a vaccine developed by the Academy of Military Sciences and the Cansino Biologics company, which, according to Xinhua News Agency, was the first to enter clinical testing in March. .

The vaccine, which has gone through the first two phases, has already been shown to induce immunity to the virus in rodents. “It can elicit a cellular and humoral immune response in a short time,” said the document collected from the official press.

China approves first patent for COVID-19 vaccineChina approves first patent for COVID-19 vaccine

The coronavirus pandemic, which has more than 21 million cases and 775,000 deaths worldwide, has also led to a race for an effective vaccine. Russia became the first country to register and manufacture a vaccine called Sputnik V last week.

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