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Chilean Red Cross denounces that it continues to treat wounded by pellets before the ban

November 24, 2019


The Chilean Red Cross has warned that protesters continue to be injured by pellets despite the restriction of their use announced by the General Director of Police, Mario Rozas.

“We have continued to get injured with pellet, even last night. So I want to be categorical: there can't be two truths here, there is only one. Or someone is missing his word, or there are other types of characters making use of this kind of elements that are so dangerous, “said the president of the Red Cross, Patricio Costa, at a press conference despite not mentioning Carabineros.

Chilean Red Cross denounces that it continues to treat wounded by pellets before the banChilean Red Cross denounces that it continues to treat wounded by pellets before the ban

Costa also denounced that “on the part of the public opinion and the people who participate in the demonstrations, it seems that the toxic effects of the bombs are being more harmful. I cannot evaluate it because I am not an expert in tear gas, but I can tell you that since the rifle is no longer being used, it is being used to disperse the bombs, “reports the Chilean Radio Cooperativa.

On the other hand, the Red Cross has requested help and contributions to obtain supplies such as gauze, bandages and adhesive fabrics, which are the three most used to treat protesters' injuries.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Watch executive director, José Miguel Vivando, supported the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and its work in Chile during the last weeks and accused the existence of serious cases of rights violations.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Carabineros, Colonel Julio Santelices, has given a new balance of police action since the beginning of the protests, on October 18.

“We have been carrying more than 5,984 events with more than 16,000 detainees. Regarding those arrested for disorders, 154 people have been arrested in the last 24 hours. From the 18th until yesterday we have been carrying more than 8,000 people only due to disorder,” he explained.

Regarding the cases of looting, “in the last 24 hours there were 26 detainees, to date, we have been 4,258; of these, 54, 8 percent record previous records.” When asked about the issue, Santelices declined to answer for the use of pellets in the demonstrations.

The popular mobilization began on October 18 for the fourth rise in the price of the metro in a few months and escalated to denounce social inequality and demand a constitutional change. About 20 people have died and hundreds have been arrested.