Chilean and Argentine allegedly murdered in Mexico in connection with OneCoin

Argentine and Chilean citizens, respectively, Ignacio Ibarra and Óscar Brito Ibarra were found dead in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico, on June 30. Research shows that they were kidnapped and died suffocated days before the discovery.

Both were in Aztec territory and promoted the Latin American Automotive Marketing Company (CLA). an alleged system that promoted the sale of new vehicles using OneCoin as a form of payment. The project website and social networks were closed when the bodies of Ibarra and Brito appeared.

According to reports from Chilean media that were close to the case, the investigations indicate the participation of the Sinaloa cartel and drug trafficking in the region. Friends, family and acquaintances of Brito Ibarra deny that he was involved in drug trafficking operations and mention that he was a person with principles.

Chilean and Argentine allegedly murdered in Mexico in connection with OneCoin
Chilean and Argentine allegedly murdered in Mexico in connection with OneCoin

However, what the Chilean showed in life was his affinity for OneCoin. As his friends and acquaintances also commented, He was very active in attracting new people to invest in OneCoin and was involved in the OneLife movement, which was closely related to the digital currency.

For its part, CLA, the company in which Ibarra had the largest stake, announced that it is headquartered in Mexico City. ANDThe system mentioned that it offered new vehicles in installments that were cheaper and paid in cryptocurrencies, especially in the OneCoin currency. People had to make a deposit of $ 1,400 to reserve space and make administrative payments.

However, as reported by the Chilean media evaluating the case, the company is said to He has reports of cheating 140 people in Argentina for $ 400,000. According to those affected, the cars never showed up.

About OneCoin

OneCoin, a project that has long presented itself as one of the best investment opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies today a declared and accomplished fraud.

As we mentioned in Cointelegraph, Konstantin Ignatov, co-founder of OneCoin, He pleaded guilty last year as part of the ongoing fraud trial.

At the end of last year The system’s website has been disconnected due to a legal investigation by the United States Courts.

Ruja Ignatova, sister of the accused and head of OneCoin, is still on the run and hidden.

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