Chile finds 552 new positives, the largest daily increase since the epidemic began

The Chilean Ministry of Health reported 552 new cases of coronaviruses that were discovered in the last 24 hours. There are now a total of 12,858 cases, while the deceased are 181, seven more than on Friday.

The State Secretary of Health Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, has also reported that there are 6,746 recovered patients. Of the seven deceased, three correspond to the Santiago Metropolitan Region, one to Antofagasta, one to Valparaíso, one to Tarapacá and the last to La Araucanía.

Zúñiga emphasized that the number of recovered patients (6,746) remains higher than that of active cases (5,931). In addition, there are 418 intensive care hospitals, of which 321 are connected to ventilation and 83 are seriously ill. The availability of 572 mechanical fans was also reported.

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