‘Cheems’, the meme dog, was 10 years old

The owners of Balltze, the real name of the famous puppy, celebrated with hats and a special cake.

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‘Cheems’, the meme dog, was 10 years old
‘Cheems’, the meme dog, was 10 years old

We all in Latin America laughed with the little dog “Cheems” and his “friendship” in the memes “Swole Doge vs. Cheems”, which compares two dogs in funny situations, actually called Shiba Inu from Hong Kong Ballet and this weekend he turned 10.

The owners of the extremely popular dog celebrated Balltze’s first decade with a party with music, hamburgers and a special dog biscuit in the Instagram where the meme star received more than 2,500 compliments in the comments.

“Cheems” went viral during quarantine because they reflected the intergenerational changes and fear people have due to the COVID-19 pandemic and today’s paradoxes of the world. His picture became famous when his owner posted a picture on Instagram talking about how much his dog loves to eat cheeseburgers.

Since then, the meme has been used in their digital marketing strategies by various brands, including government agencies.

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