CertiK implements an automated tool for reviewing smart contracts

The security company CertiK announced the launch of QuickScan on Thursday, an automated tool for scanning smart contracts for vulnerabilities.

While not a stand-alone tool, the suite is configured to enhance the analysis performed by the CertiK Chain (CTK) security oracles. QuickScan checks provided smart contracts using a database for known weak points. Static and dynamic analysis techniques are used to check the bytecode, source code and access parameters for each smart contract.

Daryl Hok, chief operating officer at CertiK, said intelligent contract analysis could be completed in less than an hour. The system assigns safety ratings to each area and aggregates them to express an overall rating.

CertiK implements an automated tool for reviewing smart contracts
CertiK implements an automated tool for reviewing smart contracts

The system will be part of the security review system integrated in CertiK Chain. Blockchain introduced the concept of security oracles, a faster and more detailed system for auditing smart contracts. While the original design was based on manual analysis by security companies and experts acting as oracles, QuickScan seeks to automate part of this process.

Hok noted that such a system would not replace manual analysis and that formal audits would continue to be critical to the safety assessment. However, Automated scanners can help you pick the worst task or guide that a closer look can help.

QuickScan is a proprietary design available only to CertiK customers or Oracle security users. The team did not indicate whether there are any plans for a wider deployment.

CertiK is one of several security auditing firms operating in the blockchain space and recently partnered with Binance to audit smart chain projects. It’s also available on Launch Pool, Binance’s in-house performance cultivation platform.

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