Certified courses in blockchain for lawyers and compliance up to the 16th online version

The General Council of Spanish Lawyers, the coordinating and governing body of the Spanish Bar Associations, together with the Blockchain Intelligence Law Institute, will be the 16th edition of the Expert @ Legal Compliance-certified courses in blockchain, smart contracts, tokenization and cryptoactives.

An opportunity to gain knowledge that enables the legal approach of blockchain projectsas reported on the website of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers.

This new edition takes place from February 22nd to March 2nd of the current year. Like the previous edition, Due to the current pandemic situation due to Covid-19, this version will be carried out again as part of the online training.

Certified courses in blockchain for lawyers and compliance up to the 16th online version
Certified courses in blockchain for lawyers and compliance up to the 16th online version

The aim of the courses is to encourage the learning of professionals to cope with the new practical challenges of advising customers and developing regulations as blockchain technology enables the development of new business models and applications.According to the organizers, legal support for these developments is essential and is increasingly needed by companies, start-ups and the public sector.

Leading teachers in the blockchain ecosystem

The online event includes comprehensive legal and practical content developed in 14 modules delivered through dynamic courses and open discussions with a team of teachers made up of the best experts in blockchain. All with extensive hands-on experience in this disruptive technology, academic depth, and a benchmark in the blockchain ecosystem.

Also, Four internships are planned in which the participants can supplement the theoretical introduction and experience the technology with practical applications. Those involved in the meeting will have the opportunity to develop an argument in favor of selling real estate in smart contracts, using wallets, exchanging cryptocurrencies and accessing the investment platform, among other things.


According to the information listed in the middle, it is detailed that Some of the aspects covered in the meeting start with understanding blockchain technology and its possible uses, digital identity in the blockchain, the operation and regulation of smart contracts, its application in the commercial and procedural fields. as well as the tokenization of movable and immovable property and the regulation of crypto assets, STOS / ICOS.

They also describe that Using blockchain under commercial law is key its application in the field of real estate law and the application of securities regulation. The course also deals with the analysis of money laundering and tax law regulations.

In the module proposed for regulatory compliance, it is now also emphasized that on the one hand the potential uses of this innovative technology for compliance activities are being examined and on the other hand the application of the regulation to ensure compliance with the regulations Degree of compliance with legal regulations for blockchain technology applications ( Governance, data protection, money laundering and taxes, etc.).

The Blockchain Intelligence Institute has been working on various fronts for some time in collaboration with the General Council of Spanish Lawyers. for the new digital development with the significant contribution of lawyers.

In this context, Almudena de la Mata emphasizes the following:

“We are faced with a multi-sector reality that the lawyer in general, and the lawyer in particular, must guide by providing appropriate advice to clients to enable implementations. The legal system and the application of the law must lead us to direct the use of technology towards the development of a digital society that encourages innovation for a better society. “ The Managing Partner of Blockchain Intelligence is highlighted.

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