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Celebrate from home and take part in Foto Calavera 2020!

October 24, 2020

The Photo Skull 2020 competition wants smells and images to pay homage to our loved ones. Take part and win these prizes!

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Celebrate from home and take part in Foto Calavera 2020!
Celebrate from home and take part in Foto Calavera 2020!

This story originally appeared on Unknown Mexico

He day of the Dead is one of the most endearing traditions of our culture, the celebration of which has the nomination of Unesco Intangible Heritage of HumanityTo show the facets of these holidays, we launched Foto Calavera 2020, the photo competition that pays tribute to our deceased and the traditions that identify us as Mexicans.

Photo: Luis Peagui

The party

There are traditions that raise cemeteries and fill them with flowers, there are others who clean the bones, there are those who bring their houses back to altars, there are also those who place an altar in a corner of the house with decency.

The central point of this celebration is death and our deceased. To join the tribute that this year represents for humanity, we decided to start a photo competition dedicated to catrinas, skulls and all the cultural expressions that take shape, light and color with these Mexican nuances: Photo Calavera 2020.

Photo Skull 2020, the competition

Any Mexicans or foreigners who send photos on the theme of the Day of the Dead to the competition platform can participate.

The categories are as follows:

  • Catrinas and skulls
  • Altars and offerings
  • Day of the Dead Traditions

Events: from October 15th to November 8th

The awards

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Remember that one of the factors in being a winner is having the highest number of votes. So upload your photo and share it as often as possible.