Ceevo introduces an automated payment gateway solution for Europe

Ceevo announced the introduction of an automated payment gateway (AOB) solution in Europe. This was reported by Diario Financiero on July 2nd from Spain.

“While Eastern Europe is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets on the continent at a constant rate of 10.3% per year, retailers in the region continue to be neglected: Many international providers have not yet actively targeted the regional and national agents cannot offer adequate solutions and services to support companies with international ambitions, “the newspaper said.

“Ceevo solutions are tailored to the specific needs of merchants who want to process online payments for their customers in the EU (European Union) and international markets. While the Ceevo solution is available to all European merchants, Ceevo believes that Eastern European traders are particularly neglected and that its solution will close the payment gap for those traders who want to expand outside of their local markets“They added later in the published article.

Ceevo introduces an automated payment gateway solution for Europe
Ceevo introduces an automated payment gateway solution for Europe

In addition, Diario Financiero cited a Ceevo survey among small online retailers in Eastern Europe that the two main concerns of online payments for small retailers are security (42%) and cash flow management (42%). 21%), while unaccepted payment methods (30%) are cited as the most common checkout issue.

Philip Meyer, CEO of Ceevo Group, said: “Many small online retailers inevitably miss the opportunity to sell their goods and services internationally, and therefore cannot grow their business if they cannot accept payments from any potential customers. The reality of small businesses is that they should be interested in payment technology if they should focus on managing their business. We felt that this was very important by providing a user-friendly solution that took local languages ​​and quick integration into account. “

Philip Meyer further commented: “With Ceevo payments we want to give traders the opportunity to sell to all potential customers across the EU markets and beyond. We want to be a small business attorney, and through our services we want them to focus on what matters and not the confusing world of payments. Our solutions make it easier for customers to accept payments from anyone, in any currency, and from anywhere in the world, without the need for legal or technical knowledge. We look forward to working with more retailers than ever to support the next wave of business that is driving growth in Europe and the rest of the world. “

Some details about Ceevo

Ceevo is a new product from the Ceevo Group, formerly known as the Net1 International Payments Group, consisting of Transact24 and MasterPayment. Grupo Ceevo is an international payment service provider that offers payment processing, credit and debit card acquisition services. It is a subsidiary of the NASDAQ-listed international provider of financial technology solutions Net1 UEPS Technologies Inc.

The Ceevo Group specializes in international payment service solutions. It consists of the following companies (which are part of the “Ceevo” brand): Ceevo Financial Services (Malta) Limited; Ceevo Blockchain Ventures Limited; Transact24 Limited; Transact24 (UK) Limited; Transact24 LLC; and Masterpayment GmbH and its subsidiaries (Summit Payment Services AG and Masterpayment Limited).

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