Castillo and Fujimori conclude the campaign in massive actions under criticism for violating the restrictions

Peruvian presidential candidates Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori have concluded the campaign for the second round of elections that will determine the country’s next president with massive acts criticized in connection with the coronavirus pandemic for completing the recommendations or measures have not followed to health safety.

In this final section of Sunday’s election date, a number of electoral restrictions will apply from Monday, including a ban on broadcasting or posting polls on voting intentions in the media, while all types of political propaganda will be suspended from midnight this Saturday.

In the case of Castillo, the candidate for Peru Libre, thousands of supporters have gathered in Plaza Dos de Mayo in central Lima, from where the candidate has called on citizens “to vote without fear” and affirmed his commitment to calling has a constitutional referendum.

Castillo and Fujimori conclude the campaign in massive actions under criticism for violating the restrictions
Castillo and Fujimori conclude the campaign in massive actions under criticism for violating the restrictions

From a balcony of the headquarters of the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP), Castillo has promised, among other things, “true decentralization” and the “restoration of wealth” of the Andenn nation, the fight against crime or free access to the university with a long list of social promises.

Former Somos Peru presidential candidate Daniel Salaverry also attended the event, publicly showing his support for Castillo, while representatives from Together for Peru (JP), led by Verónika Mendoza – also a former presidential candidate and one of the participants – were present . who have shown their support for the creation of Peru Libre.

Also in the Peruvian capital, in the Lima district of Villa El Salvador – a Fujimori stronghold where the candidate swept the first round – thousands of other supporters, in this case Fujimori, have gathered to end the Fuerza Popular campaign.

The right-wing candidate stated from a podium that she “never” imagined reaching this point, “when I left an unjust prison a year ago, but God obeyed and gave me this chance” The Odebrecht Od investigates the case and the public prosecutor calls for more than 30 years imprisonment – while he pleads for a “change”, reports ‘El Comercio’.

Neither are former political rivals such as the former minister Pedro Cateriano or relevant personalities in Peruvian society such as Álvaro Vargas Llosa, son of the writer Mario Vargas Llosa, who, after years of criticism of fujimorism, fully supported it. Election campaign for the candidate of Fuerza Popular.

These actions have been criticized by the current transitional government, which regretted that the candidates “did not hear” the health advice and advice on holding rallies related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Peruvian Interior Minister José Elice said on the local radio station RPP that he had “clearly” signaled that “no authority, neither the Interior Ministry nor any municipality, can approve a rally because we are in a state of emergency.”

He also added that, despite the fact that these acts are the responsibility of the police, the security forces were ordered not to intervene or attempt to disrupt them – as they were not authorized – as the consequences would otherwise be “violence and.” “the politicization of the executive”.

“As a minister, I regret this is happening. I believe that it is good for citizens to listen to the candidates and interact with the candidates as much as possible. But this is a very important sign of what is happening to us.” as a country, “added Elice.

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