Casa publishes the results of a server deployment test

At home, the crypto custody company published the results of its test to find a new way to connect to the Bitcoin network ElectrumX had the best return on investment.

Casa and “Cypherpunk” founder Jameson Lopp found that the custody company has recently rewritten its backend infrastructure to support Electrum based on evidence.

The company chose three different server implementations for the test: ElectrumX, Electra and Esplora Electrs. Three other servers, Electrum Server, Electrum Personal Server and Bitcoin Wallet Tracker, were excluded because they weren’t designed for high performance.

Casa publishes the results of a server deployment test
Casa publishes the results of a server deployment test

For the test, Lopp said Casa wanted to understand the performance characteristics of each implementation. They created a list of 103,000 addresses with over 100 transactions as the primary record for the test. The first test resulted in one of the server options being removed.

“When the first test against electricians was halfway through, we found that it would take weeks to complete 10 runs of the 103,000 address test against electricians. So we filtered the addresses back to a reduced set of.” 57,000, whose balances were affected by 10 to 100 transactions, and we carried out our multiple tests with this address set. So in the resulting graphs you can see that there is much less data for Electrs, but we think it is enough to draw conclusions about the overall performance. “

After the field was reduced to two, Lopp turned to query performance. Here they found it ElectrumX only needed more than 20 milliseconds to return a transaction history compared to Esplora’s hundreds of milliseconds for easier queries. However, For the largest and most complex, especially the unexploited high throughput of bitcoin transactions, it was Esplora that caught the eye.. House saw that Esplora could climb well.

“Overall, ElectrumX appears to offer the best performance for your Bitcoin in terms of performance versus resource requirements. However, if you’re ready to provide ten times more storage space for maximum performance, Esplora is the way to go.. “”

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