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Casa introduces a self-focused, privacy-oriented Bitcoin wallet

June 16, 2020

House, the New York-based crypto custody startup, has released a new wallet for Bitcoin newbies and longtime HODLers.

In a Casa blog post on June 13, the crypto company, which offers a private key management service, announced that it created Casa Wallet after an investment by the Mantis VC venture capital fund. Casa Wallet is wallet software that is designed to protect privacy and allows users to provide no personal information other than a name and email address.

Unlike some software wallets like Exodus Casa said that its users do not have to create an account with an initial phrase, usually a mnemonic phrase, which is necessary to get access to a wallet again. According to Casa, Users can create a password to save on their mobile device. An encrypted backup is shared between Casa and the respective cloud provider of the operating system, which wallet holders can access with two-factor authentication.

Casa introduces a self-focused, privacy-oriented Bitcoin walletCasa introduces a self-focused, privacy-oriented Bitcoin wallet

Casa Wallet also has Key Health, a feature that allows users to check their private keysMake sure the wallet is secured and make sure the user signatures are authentic.

It is not your first trip into the purse room

As Cointelegraph reported in September Casa has launched its Sats app for mobile wallets for Android and iOS users. Sats can be used without the company’s Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning hardware node.

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