Carlos Slim’s net worth recovers despite the pandemic

Between April and June 2020, Carlos Slim’s net worth increased by 37,162 million pesos, that is, he had a daily increase of 413 million pesos.

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Carlos Slim’s net worth recovers despite the pandemic
Carlos Slim’s net worth recovers despite the pandemic

While the Mexican economy is seeing an 18.9% decline in GDP, Carlos Slim’s wealth rose by 37,162 million pesos in the period from April to June of this year, meaning his wealth rose by 413 million pesos every day. in contrast to the reduction of 167,716 million pesos in the first quarter.

According to El Economista newspaper, companies in the segment that serves people directly had to cease operations entirely and then look for ways to reach the population who needed their services without running the risk of contagion. At that time, online services were the first to grow and adapt to the new social and economic realities of the country. At this point, Slim’s companies have some technological edge.

Due to the official regulations of Covid-19, Grupo Sanborns, the main subsidiary of Grupo Carso, was closed to the public from March 31 to June 15. 96 stores and 22 cafes, plus all of Sears and Saks Fifth Avenues. Carso sales declined 17% in the first six months to a total of 38,795 million pesos.

Carlos Slim’s net worth reached pesos 1.36 billion at the end of June 2020.

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