Carlos Mesa says that the mutiny of the Police of Bolivia is to “join the people and the popular vote”

El líder opositor boliviano, Carlos Mesa

The Bolivian opposition leader, Carlos Mesa – REUTERS / UESLEI MARCELINO

“We have tired as a citizen community of making democratic and constitutional proposals,” Mesa warned


The leader of the Bolivian opposition, Carlos Mesa, has defended the decision of several police contingents to rebel to protest against President Evo Morales and has argued that with this measure they have chosen to “join the people” and to defend the “popular vote” . Police from the cities of Cochabamba, Sucre, Tarija and Santa Cruz have rebelled this Friday to protest against the Morales Government.

Carlos Mesa says that the mutiny of the Police of Bolivia is to “join the people and the popular vote”
Carlos Mesa says that the mutiny of the Police of Bolivia is to “join the people and the popular vote”

Mesa has denounced that the Police is “an institution that is not disregarded, desmerecida, forgotten by the Government of Evo Morales.” For Mesa, it is not a coup d'etat, but the Police have “joined the Bolivian people: They are not in a position to repress their countrymen and instead to join the defense of the popular vote.”

“It is not a riot to overthrow Evo Morales, nor for particular requests from the police. It is not about suppressing the people and joining the democratic demand of the popular vote,” he insisted in press statements released through from Twitter

As for the Army, Mesa has stressed that it must respect its institutional and constitutional function. “They are not the armed arm of a political party nor are they the armed arm of the president,” he said, while recalling the “relatively recent traumatic experience” that led to dozens of deaths in 2003 when the Army was deployed to repress protests in favor of the nationalization of gas, then led by Evo Morales as a trade unionist.

“I am sure that the Armed Forces, like the Police, are not willing to go outside to repress and kill,” said Mesa, who was then vice president.

Mesa has reiterated its refusal to “lie” of the coup denounced by Evo Morales. “The only protagonist of the coup d'etat is President Evo Morales, when he decided to make a monumental fraud trying to steal the people's vote for the second time,” he added.

Thus, Mesa has defended the “citizen, democratic and peaceful mobilization that is conquering its objectives.” “We have tired as a community of citizens to make democratic and constitutional proposals. The exit is a new call for elections with a new Supreme Electoral Court,” he added.

Finally, Mesa has appealed to the militants of the Evo Morales party, the Movement to Socialism (MAS). “The Government intends to summon mass masses so that they arrive in the city of La Paz and a confrontation takes place. They do not appear to the violence, to generate a brutal confrontation that can bring unsuspected consequences of blood that will not solve what the President Morales is not able to solve, “he has argued.

“What is happening now is the triumph of people on the street. Do not respond to provocation, do not enter the game of violence. We are democratically winning this crusade for the defense of the vote as the democratic exit path that the country requires “, it is finished.

The protests in Bolivia broke out the same night of the presidential elections held on October 20 due to the sudden suspension of the transmission of official results just when they forced a second round between Morales and the main opposition leader, Carlos Mesa.

When he resumed, almost 24 hours later, they granted Morales the first round victory, so Mesa has denounced a “gigantic fraud.” Both called for the mobilization of their own, which has resulted in riots. At least two people have died and more than 190 have been arrested in these two weeks.

In this context, Morales has agreed that the OAS, supported by countries such as Spain, Mexico or Peru, conduct a binding electoral audit. Mesa, on the other hand, does not accept it because it says it is the result of a unilateral agreement between the Government and the hemispheric bloc without regard to the opposition.

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