Cardano’s founder will purchase a gaming platform to rejuvenate developing economies

The CEO of IOHK and founder of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson will complete the acquisition of a 1992 role-playing game, Legend of Valor, with the goal of reworking and rewriting the game for years to come.

According to him, this project is not related to IOHK or Cardano, but is driven by his personal passion. The game has a reward marker in the game and is designed to help restore the economy of developing countries by initiating investment opportunities in some African countries where you want to focus the platform.

Hoskinson plans to integrate blockchain technology into the gaming platform. He said that he would look for ways to integrate a blockchain-based distribution system into the game through workshops and studios that are hosted and cited in Central Africa.

Cardano’s founder will purchase a gaming platform to rejuvenate developing economies
Cardano’s founder will purchase a gaming platform to rejuvenate developing economies

The CEO, who believes most in research and development, said a team has already been set up to break down the game’s compiled code to gain access to the source code.

Hoskinson noted that the first task will be to repeat the unfinished end of the game The team would develop a higher quality version.

Hoskinson talked more about improving game quality The new version will likely be released in the form of open source code and will allow anyone to play for free. The game is upgraded to a level that can be played on the PC.

Hoskinson specifically selected Central Africa as the location for this project.. This is similar to the IOHK vision. In addition, the IOHK CEO said he was excited to see if a game dispersion system could be developed using a blockchain backend.

However, as Hoskinson continues to develop the game, With Cardano, interchangeable token information can be issued for an in-game object such as rare coins and armor.

However, the game controller could allow users to buy in-game assets through microtransactions. Also Users who buy the game have the right to register through a decentralized regulator.

It took Hoskinson over a year and a half to seal the purchase of the game Legend of Valor.. Given that Hoskinson is gradually developing projects, it will likely take years for a revised version of the game to be released.

The takeover is an advantage for Cardano, however The game will likely serve as a test site for the blockchain platform to explore its use in games.

In this sense, the project rejuvenates the economies of developing countries like Rwanda. If the game had been adopted in Africa, one of Cardano’s long-term goals would have been achieved.

Proposal for a continental currency for Africa

On May 7, Charles Hoskinson spoke about the introduction of Cardano and how blockchain can increase its worldwide use. He explained that this would not be a quick process, but through constant and excellent development as well as through innovations.

He said that The degree of globalization and education among Central Africans as farmers is a major problem with the introduction of Cardano.

While explaining what Cardano is, the CEO said that Cardano is focused on building a new financial system in the world of those who don’t. a system that would free people in developing countries from poverty. This would be set within the platform’s long-term goals.

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