Carabineros denounced for “homicide by omission” for the death of a protester in Santiago de Chile

Clashes between protesters and police in the vicinity of the Chilean Congress – AGENCIA UNO

PPS and PS request the dismissal of the director of police

The National Institute of Human Rights of Chile (NHRI) has announced the filing of a complaint for “manslaughter for interruption of rescue action” against police officers after learning that Special Forces personnel interrupted the work of personnel of the Emergency Medical Care Service ( SAMU) who was trying to revive 29-year-old Abel Acuña, who finally died in Plaza Italia in Santiago de Chile during a demonstration.

Carabineros denounced for “homicide by omission” for the death of a protester in Santiago de Chile
Carabineros denounced for “homicide by omission” for the death of a protester in Santiago de Chile

The legal action is based on the denunciation of the medical personnel, who accused Carabineros of putting at risk the “physical integrity of the health care personnel, both of those who were in the place in a particular way, but duly identified, as the one who arrived in the ambulance, “making it impossible to initiate” advanced resuscitation maneuvers on the victim, “according to the Chilean radio station Radio Cooperativa.

The NHRI has indicated in a statement that they will present the complaint for “homicide by omission since the police have the position of guarantor by law and have the obligation to protect protesters and medical personnel who are carrying out their work.”

Sergio Micco, director of the NHRI, explained that “it is an extremely serious event”, because it undermines the “international human rights law and humanitarian law, which requires that medical personnel be provided and granted security to care for injured people. ”

Micco has affirmed that it is not an isolated case because five complaints have already been filed against police officers for attacks on first aid personnel in the context of the demonstrations.

For their part, the directives of the Party for Democracy (PPD) and the Socialist Party (PS) have called for the dismissal of the general director of Police, Mario Rozas, for this incident. “Our National Directive of the Party for Democracy requires the immediate removal of the General Director of Police, for his responsibility in the police repression that hindered timely attention by the SAMU to a young man who died yesterday. Shame!”, Said former Chancellor Heraldo via Twitter Muñoz, president of the PPD.

Also the PS through a statement has indicated that “Nothing justifies the violations of human rights. Therefore, we reiterate the request for resignation, which we made a week ago, of the General Director of Police, Mario Rozas, for the total lack of control of the Forces Institutional specials “.

The Socialists consider that what happened “is not an isolated case” and that “it constitutes an extremely serious event”. Rozas “has lost control of the institution he directs and it seems that Special Forces personnel lack a command that frames their actions within the limits of the rule of law.”

The young man died this Friday after falling from a statue in the Plaza Italia of the Chilean capital, Santiago, Chile, in a new day of protests. Specifically Acuña fell from the horse of the statue of General Baquedano.

The demonstrations held this Friday have been carried out after the parties of the Government and the opposition of Chile, with the exception of the Communist Party (PC), reached a historic agreement to launch an unprecedented constitutional process in the country, in response to a month of protests against social inequality in the nation.

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