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Carabineros denies the accusations of human rights violations and lowers the figures offered by HRW

December 5, 2019
Agentes del Cuerpo de Carabineros reducen a un manifestante durante las protestas en Santiago, Chile.

Carabineros Corps agents reduce a protester during protests in Santiago, Chile. – REUTERS / GORAN TOMASEVIC


The Carabineros de Chile Corps has come out Thursday of the accusations about the alleged violations of Human Rights committed in the demonstrations that took place in the country during the last weeks.

Carabineros denies the accusations of human rights violations and lowers the figures offered by HRW
Carabineros denies the accusations of human rights violations and lowers the figures offered by HRW

Through a statement he has questioned the data issued by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) NGO about the protests, but has been open to the organization's recommendations.

Thus, in a 32-page document delivered to the Government of Chile, the police force has condemned any conduct by some of its members that would imply “excessive use of force in the streets.” However, he has denied the most serious accusations, such as the acts of torture or sexual abuse, since “there are no elements that allow to maintain that such stories occurred.”

Although it has assumed the recommendations of the NGO, the document has refuted at all times each one of the accusations, as well as the data that the organization for Human Rights published a few weeks ago. In that sense, the figures of both are far from coinciding at some point.

If the HRW reported that 1,051 people were injured by the shooting of rubber balls and pellets, Carabineros has encrypted the number in 376, but affirming that “the authorship is in the investigation phase.” The number of people served by medical services also differs greatly depending on the document consulted. According to the NGO, there were 11,564; for the forces of the Chilean order, 1,195; while the injured police were 64.

In relation to the deceased, Carabineros has only mentioned the case of Álex Núñez Sandoval, who died after receiving a beating allegedly committed by members of that police force, compared to the 26 that the NGO figures.

“There are no people killed due to the use of firearms by Carabineros de Chile,” said the document, in which it was also possible to read that the police will strengthen training in the use of non-lethal weapons, such and as the Chilean newspaper 'La Tercera' has published in its pages.

HRW reported 74 cases of sexual abuse of various kinds. However, while Carabineros has ensured that there are ongoing investigations in this regard, he has affirmed that “there are no elements that support the credibility of such stories.”


The National Prosecutor's Office of Chile offered a report last week in which up to 2,670 cases were collected in which police and other police and military forces in the country had incurred crimes against Human Rights.

The published balance specified that 422 of the victims were minors and 41 were foreigners. 116 crimes were also reported that threatened sexual dignity and integrity. In addition, 720 cases of firearm injuries and 44 cases of torture were collected.


The protests in Chile have already fulfilled more than a month, after the citizens decided to go out to the streets before the fourth rise in the price of the subway. They were joined by groups that in turn claimed social and labor improvements, as well as education and health.

Although they have lowered their intensity in the early days, where, according to Human Rights organizations, there have been 20 dead and thousands injured and detained after clashes with the police, the actions in the street persist, generating temporary closures of Metro stations and delays in public transport.

After the fruitless first measures to quell the demonstrations using the security forces, the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, has now tried to count on the support of the different political forces of the country to reform the Constitution and accommodate the largest number of possible claims.

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