Carabineros charges against protesters around La Moneda

SANTIAGO, Oct. 30 (Agency One / EP) –

Carabineros has charged this Wednesday against the thousands of protesters who have marched to La Moneda, headquarters of the Government of Chile, in the context of the protests that broke out almost two weeks ago over social inequality.

Thousands of people have advanced peacefully towards the Government Palace, except for isolated incidents in the Alameda, to try to reach the Government Palace, their goal of the last days.

Carabineros charges against protesters around La Moneda
Carabineros charges against protesters around La Moneda

This time they have succeeded and have remained there four hours after which Carabineros has intervened with water cannons to disperse the crowd, which has led to a confrontation in which some protesters have thrown Molotov cocktails.

Protests in Chile began on October 17 over the fourth rise of the subway ticket in a few months but grew rapidly to denounce social inequality. The president, Sebastián Piñera, has devised a “social agenda” and has remodeled the Government to respond to the concerns of Chileans, but the demonstrations continue.

Now, the organizers of the protests not only ask for measures of social impact, but have even proposed a constitutional reform. The Government has been willing to study it but giving “priority” to “the real needs of the people”, said on Wednesday the spokeswoman for the Executive, Karla Rubilar.

Questioned on this matter, the spokesman of the Supreme Court, Lamberto Cisternas, has considered that “at this point” it is necessary to reform the Magna Carta. “The cry of citizenship is so great that we should focus on that,” even if it ends with “a relatively similar constitution,” he explained in statements collected by 'The Third'.

In these almost two weeks, at least 19 people have died, more than a thousand have been injured and more than 3,000 have been arrested. In addition, the National Institute of Human Rights (NHRI) has denounced abuses by security forces against those arrested that would include torture and harassment, among other abuses.

Opposition deputies on Wednesday presented a constitutional accusation against former Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick, who fell on Monday in the remodeling of the government, for the repression of protests.

Piñera stressed this Wednesday, during his visit to the Carabineros Hospital to see the injured agents, that “for the Government and for Carabineros, Human Rights are an unwavering commitment.”

At the same time, he recalled that “a duty of every government is to protect citizen security and enforce freedoms.” “In that function, Carabineros fulfills a fundamental task, risking many times his life, his physical integrity, to protect our lives”, he has valued.

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