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Capsa Food works with Izertis to implant and develop an office for technological innovation

June 5, 2020

In Spain, the dairy company Capsa Food joined the technology consultancy Izertis in order to oversee, develop and deploy its Office for Technological Innovation (ILO). This was reported by Izertis to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

This statement states: “The project has completed its first phase of service (diagnosis) and was carried out in the difficult phase of the Covid-19 crisis by carrying out more than 30 individual and group interviews together with collaboration sessions creation and dynamism of design thinking in a remote format, in which more than 50 Capsa Food experts participated. “

“With this initiative, the dairy has strengthened its commitment to technology as a fundamental lever to strengthen its position as a benchmark in the agricultural and food sector,” they added.

Capsa Food works with Izertis to implant and develop an office for technological innovationCapsa Food works with Izertis to implant and develop an office for technological innovation

The agreement with Izertis focuses on the strategic and methodological definition of the Office for Technological Innovation.

Richard Villaverde, CIO of CAPSA Food, commented:

“We believe it is necessary to strengthen technology-based innovation as a source of added value. It is therefore important to expand our skills in this area in order to provide an agile, coordinated, responsible and efficient response to the current and future challenges of Capsa Food This new position at Capsa Food (ILO) has the task of guiding, promoting and coordinating technological innovations that are to be implemented in business processes by analyzing market opportunities and working closely with the enablers of the organization It will be the point of reference where the business merges with the technology. “

Pandemic and decision

The situation of the pandemic has confirmed the decision that Capsa Food made earlier this year with the opening of the Office for Technological Innovation and the search for an ally like Izertis for its definition. They believed that digital technology is the key that increases flexibility, resilience, commitment to the sales channel, transparency towards consumers, operational efficiency, and responsibility towards the company’s employees and field staff. All of this in a long-term changing and unpredictable environment.

With this in mind, Miguel Ángel Acero, Head of Izertis DX Consulting Services, said:

“It is a privilege for Izertis to be part of the digital transformation process of a leading industrial company that has been committed to continuous improvements through high-quality technological solutions and an end product for years. Quality.”

Likewise, The dairy company has strengthened its trust in Izertis as a technology partner for this new project and has carried out various initiatives to digitize blockchain, IoT and mobility in the past few months. They all aimed to increase the efficiency of processes and improve the traceability of processes.

Phases of the project

The assignment began by analyzing the situation and planning the strategy for technological innovation and digital transformation in which Capsa Food employees were involved. This developed a medium-term strategic vision and a roadmap of various initiatives that facilitate the acceleration of the digital transformation process and increase competitiveness thanks to innovative elements in the various production processes.

The implementation of this project takes place at the headquarters of the Asturian company in Granda-Siero. The facility is planned for the summer of this year.

Project and Covid-19

The project started in the second week of March, a few days before delivery. In these two months, around 55 people were involved in the analysis and commissioning. By using collaborative tools and teleworking methods, the project was able to continue despite the distance within the same data as the original planning.

COVID-19 itself and its aftermath were another variable that was taken into account to be included in the new situation that technology needs to address in the short term to keep CAPSA at the forefront of its sector.

About Capsa Food

Capsa Food (Central Lechera Asturiana, Larsa, ATO, Vega de Oro and Innova Food Ingredients) is a company with six production centers throughout the Spanish region, where more than 1,300 employees are directly employed and almost 50 countries are represented internationally.

About Izertis

Izertis is a technology consultancy that specializes in the transformation of business models of companies through opportunities based on digital transformation and comprises three perspectives: companies, people and technology.

The company has offices across Europe, America and Africa as well as a presence in other international markets through customers and projects. The work teams currently consist of more than 800 specialists.

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