Capitol Raid Committee cites Rudy Giuliani for “promoting” unsubstantiated voter fraud theories

The United States House of Representatives special committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on Capitol Hill has ordered the appearance of Rudy Giuliani and three other attorneys for former President Donald Trump for “promoting unsubstantiated public allegations of voter fraud” and “participation.” requested in attempts to interfere with the confirmation of the results”.

In addition to Giuliani, attorneys Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and Boris Epshteyn were subpoenaed. These four individuals “promoted unsubstantiated theories about voter fraud, encouraged attempts to annul the results of the elections,” and were also in “direct contact” with former President Trump to “stop the electoral vote count.”

Capitol Raid Committee cites Rudy Giuliani for “promoting” unsubstantiated voter fraud theories
Capitol Raid Committee cites Rudy Giuliani for “promoting” unsubstantiated voter fraud theories

The committee’s chair, Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson, said in a statement that he had been “very active” in Giuliani’s case on behalf of former President Trump, spreading allegations of fraud while he was “trying to get state legislatures out of it.” convince to take action to overthrow the election results.

Giuliani “was in contact with then-President Trump and several members of Congress to organize strategies to delay or nullify the results of the 2020 election,” the statement said, according to NBC.

For his part, Powell “urged President Trump to order the seizure of voting machines across the country to find evidence that foreign agents had hacked into the system and tampered with election results.”

As for Ellis, he allegedly prepared and distributed two reports to discuss then-Vice President Mike Pence’s constitutional authority to refuse or delay the counting of electoral votes,” while Epshteyn reportedly contacted Trump on the morning of the attack to explore the possibilities to discuss a delay in confirming President Joe Biden’s victory if Pence refuses to do so.


On the other hand, the committee subpoenaed and obtained the phone records of the former president’s son, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancé, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who was an adviser to the former president.

In particular, the committee would have obtained a record of the text messages – albeit not the content – from the phones of both members of the former President’s family, as well as the incoming and outgoing calls with the date, time and duration of the same. as reported by the US broadcaster CNN.

This would be the first time the agency responsible for investigating the attack on the Capitol would issue subpoenas on members of the Trump family. The move is part of a strategy by the committee to receive communications from Trump’s entourage both before and after the Jan. 6 uprising.

In fact, the committee has called on several phone companies to voluntarily release phone records, even citing executives from companies like Twitter and Reddit, as well as the parent companies of YouTube and Facebook, for failing to adequately address extremism online. As part of the investigation, CNN reports that more than 100 people have been subpoenaed in connection with obtaining phone records.

However, one of Guilfoyle’s attorneys, Joseph Tacopina, has assured that he was not notified of any subpoena, stressing that this action “has no consequences for her because she has absolutely nothing to hide or to worry about.”

So far, according to The Hill, there is no evidence that Eric Trump or Guilfoyle have been subpoenaed by the committee for interviews or documents, nor is there any evidence that records relating to the former President’s other children have been cited’ .

With that in mind, New York City Attorneys issued subpoenas to former President Trump’s children, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., who were heavily involved in their father’s company, the Trump Organization, which they joined as business partners after graduating from college .

The subpoenas wanted prosecutors to determine whether members of the Trump family had fraudulently inflated the value of their assets to guarantee bank loans in order to reduce their tax burden, according to The New York Times.

The committee said in early January that it was in possession of “first-hand testimony” confirming that Ivanka Trump, daughter of former President Donald Trump, had repeatedly asked her father to intervene to “stop the violence staged by his supporters.” “ to stop that January 6th in Washington.

This was confirmed by the committee’s vice president, disgraced Republican Representative Liz Cheney, who told the ABC network that Ivanka Trump, then one of the former president’s advisers, had asked him to intervene.

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