Can’t afford a master’s degree? Read these 6 books to help educate yourself

An MBA is a great opportunity to expand your network, but it’s not the only way to learn about the business.

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Can’t afford a master’s degree? Read these 6 books to help educate yourself
Can’t afford a master’s degree? Read these 6 books to help educate yourself

Lots I wonder if they should go back to school to get one at some point Master of Business Administration or MBA (as they are known by their acronym in English).

It’s an understandable concern. Good academic preparation seems to be mandatory CEO from a large company, and no one can deny that MBAs are a great opportunity to build high-performing networks of future leaders.

However, it is very expensive to get an MBA. In addition, they require a significant amount of time that many entrepreneurs simply cannot afford.

Fortunately, you can get the same functional training by reading carefully from the best sources available.

Be careful: this publication is not about the best business books ever published, it is about how to keep up with the latest ideas and new technological developments. If you want to improve your business knowledge with relevant and timely books, start with these gems released in 2018.

Each title brings the link to the online shop where you can get the book. If the work is available in Spanish, the title will be in our language.

Coyle is currently an advisor to the Cleveland Indians on issues such as player development and performance culture. In “The Code of Culture” the author focuses on other successful groups and what drives their members to “click” and perform perfectly. From SEAL Team Six to Pixar, Coyle notes that everything is based on a common sense of purpose and mission, as well as a strong sense of shared risk. The lessons Coyle conveys are zero complicated. In fact, some examples are simple and straightforward. However, they can revolutionize corporate culture and lead to greater success.

Gary Vaynerchuk is famous on the internet for being the author of several bestsellers. He understands social media, personal branding and the principles that help organizations and companies reliably achieve amazing success. If you’re frustrated with how to help your brand stand out in a crowded market, or don’t know how to use social media, this book is well worth it.

Sure, you can learn about business ethics through boring lectures and textbooks, but there’s something about a well-told true story that makes the dangers of ethical shortcuts all the more effective.

Carreyrou is the reporter who first revealed the breadth and depth of the problems at Theranos, a blood testing technology company that defrauded the entire United States. The founder and his right-hand man are now facing serious federal charges, and the deal is nothing more than a memory. The story of its meteoric rise and fall in just under a decade makes this a fascinating read.

The Goals and Key Outcomes (OKRs) include a goal setting and achievement system that drives the phenomenal growth rates of the best-known companies. These two metrics can help you create the right strategies and plans for your business and monitor the best ways to measure your progress towards these goals. Doerr has worked with companies like Intel and Google to make OKRs work. Here he shares the exact techniques your company can use to achieve its goals more efficiently.

An entrepreneur must spend as much time managing their team’s people as they do their company’s finances. Hence, understanding the psychology of people who are not like you is an invaluable business skill. Green draws on her own experience as a manager and author of the Ask a Manager website to help you overcome the difficult interpersonal barriers that populate all organizational charts. The book will help you start and manage 200 difficult conversations that are common in many industries and areas.

Most startups miss the glorified Silicon Valley fairytale status we know through technology and business media. Most entrepreneurs have a story similar to that of Rand Fishkin: from humble beginnings, he has faced a major failure; It went through thousands of failed ideas and adjustments along the way. Fishkin is now a global SEO expert, and the Moz company he founded is a billion dollar business. This is the story of how an ordinary man succeeded. The work is full of true wisdom for entrepreneurs and startups.

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