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Cameron celebrates Johnson’s “extraordinary result” and the “end of Corbyn”

December 13, 2019
David Cameron

David Cameron – Jonathan Brady / PA Wire / dpa – Archive


Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has applauded the “extraordinary result” obtained by the Conservative Party in Thursday's legislative elections, in which he also sees as “something very good” the Labor Party debacle, led by Jeremy Corbyn.

The 'tories', with Boris Johnson in the lead, have achieved the absolute majority in the House of Commons, thanks to which they can govern without relying on any other party. According to Cameron, there will be “a very strong and determined government” during the next term.

“It is an extraordinary result, powerful. It marks the end of Corbyn and Corbynism and that is very good for the country,” said the former 'premier', in statements collected by the BBC.

Cameron, who resigned after the victory of Brexit in the referendum he called, has now advocated working for economic progress and the development of basic services. “That is the most important of all. Get the trust of people who have trusted us, many of them for the first time,” he added.