By February we will know whether or not marijuana is legal in Mexico, AMLO confirmed

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By February we will know whether or not marijuana is legal in Mexico, AMLO confirmed
By February we will know whether or not marijuana is legal in Mexico, AMLO confirmed

If you want to legally spend the vacation on marijuana, you may have to change your plans. This Tuesday, during his morning conference at the National Palace, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that it will be up to February 2021 if the Chamber of Deputies decides whether the Federal Law Regulating Cannabis.

On November 19, the Mexican Senate generally endorsed the opinion for regulate the recreational, industrial, and medical uses of marijuana. The Supreme Court of the Nation (SCJN) Set this deadline December 15, 2020 for the MPs to make a final decision. However, the debate has been postponed to the next regular period starting next February.

Last week the Nation’s Supreme Court (SCJN) a new expansion of the Chamber of Deputies for approving the Opinion on Regulating Recreational Marijuana Use Across the Country. In a private session, the plenary session of the country’s highest court decided to allow this new postponement, postponed by legislative power after that granted to the Senate, to discuss this reform.

Lopez Obrador commented in his “morning” that the extension to the Lack of time. He noticed that too “Errors” and “contradictions” were found in the lawthat needs to be corrected by the House of Commons.

“In normal time it will be resolved, I could tell those who are already calling for a definition. There is no objection to what the Senate has approved for medical use, the limited use of marijuana, it is nothing more a question of Mistakes. “said the Mexican President.

“We will say that they were committed due to a lack of accuracy in terms of quantities and others. There cannot be contradictions in the same law.”added.

The Mexican President said there was no time for a timely review of the judgment before the date set by the court. In addition, he pointed out that this ordinary period ended without the chambers reaching a consensus.

“The cameras disagreed and the period ended, but they are questions of form, I would say, not substance.”, expressed AMLO. “As there was no time and the Court of Justice had already requested a solution because the legislature had the power to do so by order of the judiciary, the legislature requested this extension to establish the initiative. But I do not repeat in terms of content, but formally and I agree “he explained.

They plan to replace cannabis and poppy plantations with the “Sembrando Vida” program.

At the same conference the President Lopez Obrador announced the expansion of the program “Sowing life” to replace the plantations of marijuana and poppy seeds of fruit and wood trees in the state warrior.

The sowing program previously intended for the southeastern states will offer residents of peripheral areas new opportunities, said the president.

“I know that a lot of people grow poppies because there are no options or alternatives, this in the mountains, in different marginalized communities in Guerrero, in the mountains. They do it out of necessity “said the Mexican President. “We’ll look in more detail at replacing marijuana (and) poppies with corn, beans, and wood trees, which is the goal of the landscape support program.”

AMLO commented on the program “Sow life” More than 400,000 farmers across the country are already benefiting from this. They receive monthly support to further cultivate their plots and not to resort to the production of drugs.

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