Buying your first home is no longer impossible with this challenge

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Buying your first home is no longer impossible with this challenge
Buying your first home is no longer impossible with this challenge

Do you have to stop living with roommates, with your parents, or paying no rent, but you look incredibly distant? buy house?

It may not be as impossible as you think, especially if you start with a micrometa. At least that’s the premise of “My First Square Meter”, a challenge suggested by Sofía Macías, the author of Little capitalist pig.

“Buying a house may be a dream for many people, but some – especially millennials – give them the micro-infarcts and give up when they look at prices, but what if you start for your first square meter in 6 To save months or a year? ? “suggests the personal finance specialist.

For many, starting with zeros is the most difficult. However, if you already have one square meter, you can apply more easily, speed up your pace, and soon you will be ready with the down payment to request a mortgage loan.

The full explanation of the challenge can be found in this video:

“The challenge is only for your first square meter and takes you out of indecisiveness, not necessarily so that you save for the whole house. However, if you use it, it is very likely that you will consider it impossible if You have something, “he explains. Sofia Macias.

Less “experience”, more stones

One of the most common criticisms Baby Boomer and Generation X. In the direction of millennials, we spend “everything for gourmet cafes, a luxurious breakfast with Benedictine eggs, festivals, excursions (of course before the epidemic) and” experiences “, but not for the legacy or anything that will help us in the future”, says Sofía Macías.

Part of the idea of ​​the challenge is to understand the other part: the thousand-year point of view is that many may want a house or would invest in real estate, but at prices they consider impossible.

My first square meter We believe that this goal, if considered possible, encourages us to immediately spend a little less and save for longer-term goals.

How can you follow that to be a responsible adult with money?

Real estate can be the start of a responsible adult with your money, but once you’re on the right track, it’s also worth checking out how to get large health insurance, saving for retirement by deducting taxes, and even learning about topics you support fathers with their finances or legal issues.

“Deep down, we all know when it’s time to grow up and take our money and future seriously. The problem for many is that they don’t know where to start or who to contact, ”explains the author.

For this reason in Little capitalist pig You have created a workshop on these subjects entitled “#AdultOINK, tools for your finances when life gets serious”, which will take place online on July 16, 17 and 18.

Image: Courtesy of Little Capitalist Pig

The workshop is online, but the sessions are live, giving attendees the opportunity to attend courses with specialists and ask them live questions about their doubts about property investments, insurance for major medical expenses, retirement and pensions, and financial and financial issues parental care.

Carmen Amescua, nutritionist and health trainer, Eduardo Corona, financial advisor and founder of Potento, thanatologist Gaby Pérez Islas and Eugenia Calleja, president of the Silver Plate Alert initiative, give preventive health classes and learn how to look after the parents of missing older adults and Ricardo GP to find.

Learn more:

They will also look at retirement preparation and tax optimization. Moisés Pérez Peñaloza, a retirement specialist, and the public prosecutor’s office Ana Ramírez de Sarez Contadores.

Courses on real estate are held by Fernando Soto Hay, founder of Tu Hipoteca Fácil, Jorge Castañares and Adriana Guillén from Xpertha Capital and Carlos Cataño Notary 51 from Mexico City.

And of course, as adults, “it doesn’t have to be a synonym for bitterness” they will also receive humorous advice from Daniel Urías of Cooltura Financiera, a session with functional movement with Sisy Garza and yoga of laughter with Antonio Zacruz.

The complete program and event details can be found at

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