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Buy Bitcoin to avoid the “deterioration” in Fiat money, a new grayscale report says

May 1, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently the best choice for investors against the central bank’s money pressure. completes new report from Grayscale Asset Manager.

The world’s largest digital currency wealth manager warned in the document entitled “Quantitative Squeeze.” Fiat’s unlimited money supply could “downgrade” the US dollar.

Grayscale: Gold’s Safe Haven paper is “out of date”

BTC, the largest cryptocurrency, It is an ideal port: due to its technical capabilities, gold, fiat money and government bonds are omitted.

Buy Bitcoin to avoid the “deterioration” in Fiat money, a new grayscale report saysBuy Bitcoin to avoid the “deterioration” in Fiat money, a new grayscale report says

“”Unsustainable debt levels and widespread fear of default are driving the most aggressive monetary policy since Bitcoin was founded“closes the report.

Fiat currencies are at risk of deterioration, government bonds reflect low or negative real returns, and supply problems underscore the outdated role of gold as a safe haven. There are limited ways to insure yourself in an uncertain environment.

The title is another coined term that describes the effect of halving Bitcoin, which will occur in about two weeks.

While central banks are currently doing unlimited quantitative easing (QE), Bitcoin’s offer is halved. Other sources call this comparison “quantitative tightening” and refer to Bitcoin’s status as “hard” money versus “Fiat” as “easy money”.

“”Bitcoin shows signs of becoming a safe haven while maintaining an asymmetrical return profile“summarizes the grayscale conclusion.

And while the world seems to question any idea of ​​what’s possible, it’s time to challenge another one, so that fiat currencies keep their value. It’s time to pay attention to Bitcoin.

The flood is about central bank acceptance

As Cointelegraph reported Grayscale did well despite the huge panic caused by the corona virus in March. The company currently has $ 3 billion in assets under management, and this has now been established earlier this month controls 1.7% of the total Bitcoin offer.

The report barely stops at its undercover criticism of central bank policy. Investors should “understand the impact of government monetary and fiscal interventions”.

This language reflects some of the best known Bitcoin supporters., including Saifedean Ammous, who deals extensively with Fiat’s weakness in his popular book, The Bitcoin Standard.

On the other hand, in the last episode of the Keizer Report financial news program, Max Keizer affirmed that society cannot “print its way to prosperity”.

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