Business tips from comics for real life

Collecting comics requires the same qualities as having your own business requires a person.

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I started collecting comics when I was a kid growing up on my family's farm. The fantasy and escapism of comics filled my small town head with ideas of adventures in big cities. Once I bought the first comic strip, I never stopped.

Business tips from comics for real life
Business tips from comics for real life

Today, my collection encompasses some 21,000 comics encompassing 45 years of adventures from the most popular characters, Batman and Superman included, of course, and some lesser-known stories that emerged in the years leading up to World War II.

Believe it or not, my love for comics is more than just reading fun and escaping my childhood on the field. Over the years, the discipline I had to use to knead my collection has left me with important business lessons and has helped me immensely in my professional life.

1. Love what you do … even when others don't
Attaching yourself to something usually works. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy comics for most of my life and I can tell you that the current storylines are much more sophisticated than when I was a child. I can tell you this because over time a better appreciation of things is generated. In business, this usually means holding on to an idea you love – even when others don't share your vision – and committing to finding who believes in your idea.

2. Evolve
When I was a kid, comics were just that, comics. Today movies, books, TV series, websites, and generally popular entertainment are riddled with colorful superheroes. This can be reflected in the professional and business world, where doing the same thing for a long time can lead to stagnation. The comic book industry has had a couple of near-death experiences, but has resisted and evolved into new formats that appeal to new audiences. Evolving means surviving, both for people and for business.

3. Equipment always matters
I love the stories of individual superheroes, but I love the plots about teams like Justice League and Teen Titans. In comics, competition between individuals brings out the best in all parts of a team and this is also true for companies. Hire and build a team you trust to fight for your business.

4. Stay organized and go digital
If I was not an organized person I would never know where I have a title saved when I wanted to read it, I could buy duplicate copies or even waste my time looking for a comic that maybe I already have. My iPhone scans the barcode of each new cartoon and adds it to my database, in this way the information of my collection is always at hand.

We all have different ways of organizing ourselves, however it is necessary to remember what the customer's needs are: they want to be able to access the information they are looking for on any device and from various devices. Although it is difficult to understand, today the most important thing is to have a presence on mobile devices since smartphones are becoming an increasingly integral part of people's relationship with brands. Always think: mobile devices come first.

5. Attention makes a difference
My love for comics is a fundamental part of who I am. This means that I could never have made such a large collection without a little effort, work and concentration to build it. Similarly, at my company, we try to maintain that focus on our skills and niche markets. Focusing on doing one thing well gives more results than wanting to excel in different ways.

Discipline, patience and a sense of humor are qualities that comics helped me develop and that help me in my professional life. If you can follow your passion , whatever it is, with vigor and concentration, you will surely find success.

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