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Business ideas! To invest seriously: Open an automated parking lot

August 27, 2020

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The Spanish NGO Ecologistas en Acción has carried out the study “Ecological Accounts of Transport” in which it introduces the greatest support for this business idea: 97% of the life of a car is parked.

Business ideas! To invest seriously: Open an automated parking lotBusiness ideas! To invest seriously: Open an automated parking lot

So there is no more. He dare On average, a machine that is designed for mobility spends most of its life in the park and everyone who knows it traffic of a large metropolis, he knows that this is appreciated.

On the other hand, as soon as the country saw a full opening to the automotive market, with brands from all over the world arriving, assemblers were installed for these brands from all over the world, while the offer was not only in terms of prices, but also with regard to the models it was clear that the parking lot business would also become a reality with many zeros.

A report published in the journal extension gave an example of what this represented for the large consortia in the real estate world: Parking rents For consortia like Fibra Uno (perhaps the largest real estate company in the country), they make 1.2% of their income in this area, which is about 150 million pesos a year.

However, parking is not the main business of these large companies, in fact it is an investment burden for some due to construction and operational problems. Therefore, they leave this work to outside suppliers.

Likewise, current regulations include the construction of fewer and fewer parking spaces in real estate developments to encourage the use of public transport and other more sustainable mobility options.

The dream in terms of mobility is to achieve what London has already done, a city where one of the tallest and most modern buildings, The Shard, has only 48 parking spaces for more than 10 thousand people working there.

To achieve this, it is not enough to create fewer parking spaces, but to create roads that are as safe, accessible and well-equipped as the English capital. From this it can be concluded that mobility is still a long way off and that parking will continue to be a basic need for many Mexicans: milk, eggs, tortillas, parking …


The first thing you have to enter Parking lot business It should have a suitable land for it, it can be large or medium, but not small as it could become a problem for the road rather than a solution.

One of the main advantages of automated parking is the ability to expand the capacity of this surface.

Those who already have the land have taken a step, but first you need to make sure that your space has the rights and subsequent use of the land.

A good place to start is to read the relevant legislation and the specifics of the mayor’s office or the city you are in.

You need to take into account that the best location is near or near a workplace, i.e. several office buildings, factories, etc .; If you decide to go to a mostly commercial area, keep in mind that not all of them get the same influx every day of the week.

The cherry on the cake are the elevators for cars and stackable cars. These resources optimize the parking capacity and shorten the reception and delivery times.

Yes, the investment in an automated parking lot is high, starting with the land – which is usually expensive in areas with the best profiles – to the machines that need to be added safety equipment and personnel, although it will be thanks to the minimum Implementation of technologies.

Sample cases

The automated parking lot in the Reforma 180 building is one of the most modern in the country and has all the equipment, including elevators and transport robots.

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