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Business idea! Terrariums and miniature gardens in bottles

September 20, 2020

Succulents are plants that have become popular for being relatively easy to care for. Use this idea to decorate events.


According to the Federal Office for Consumer Protection (PROFECO), on average, a couple invests between USD 63,482.00 and USD 219,577.00 in a wedding, with renting the salon or garden being the largest expense and making up more than 60% of the total budget.

Business idea! Terrariums and miniature gardens in bottles
Business idea! Terrariums and miniature gardens in bottles

If the world of weddings attracts you and you don’t know how to be part of this market – which never seems to go out of style – this business idea might interest you: vendors of bottle gardens. With a minimum investment you will be deploying Wedding planner, Ballrooms or gardens for parties elegant centerpieces and favors for guests.

This technique is very attractive as species of plants that require a greenhouse environment must be sown in glass bottles of all sizes. Because the bottles remain sealed, the floor will maintain the ideal humidity and temperature without the need for great care. The presentation is also very attractive.


In order to make your creations as expensive as possible, you need to specialize in the design and planting of bottle gardens. There are currently options for courses and specialty courses in flower arrangement ranging from approximately $ 4,200.00 to $ 6,700.00.

Find the raw material for crystal libraries – stores that specialize in glass containers – and choose the ones that you can seal, as keeping the plants moist is important. Ask the nurseries about smaller ferns, begonias, dwarf palms, grassy plants, ivy, and slow growing, low indoor varieties.

A miniature garden in a bottle can start at $ 250.00 depending on the complexity of the design, the type of plant, and the bottle used. For example, if you do decide to become a wedding centerpiece supplier, it is recommended that you stay in this price range. If you choose to work on demand, you can list your work up to $ 1,800.00.

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