Business idea! Start with cat furniture

We bring you a different and ideal business idea to benefit from the pet market.


15 years ago, cats had little preference among animal owners. The dog was the first option when it came to having an animal at home. However, the trend changed. In Mexico, 29% of households currently have cats. Either because they are more independent than the dogs or because they turn out to be good company, the truth is that the kittens are targeted by those who are now called Animal lovers.

Business idea! Start with cat furniture
Business idea! Start with cat furniture

Regarding the treatment a pet receives in Mexico, 57% of households say they buy exclusive food for it, Consulta Mitosky said. Overall, 36.2% of pet owners prefer high-quality, processed food when it comes to pampering their pets. This will undoubtedly help you get an idea of ​​how much these owners are willing to invest.

If you like animals, especially cats, and want to start a business that helps you increase your income, this idea will interest you: cat room. It’s about designing and putting together luxurious bedrooms for these beautiful and enigmatic animals. From curious bedrooms to miniature accessories, you can make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

In Mexico, 29% of households have cats / Image: Eric Han via Unsplash


For this endeavor, you need the support of a carpenter with experience in carpentry, as these are small models that require hand-carved wooden details. Offer him a percentage on every sale. You can make accessories such as miniature sheets, duvets and pillows yourself.

For the production of bed linen, it is recommended to take a sewing course (approx. USD 1,995.00). This will help you master techniques such as machine sewing, embroidery and even knitting. For the working tools, you need to invest in a sewing machine (from $ 1,650.00), a sewing kit (from $ 250.00), and fabrics.

Use Facebook and create a fan page on which you not only publish your contact details, but also show photos with your creations and additional accessories.

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