Business idea! Start with a vegan and kosher food cart

More and more guests choose foods that are prepared with organic ingredients and are free of chemicals. Use this growing market!

By Marissa Sánchez


Business idea! Start with a vegan and kosher food cart
Business idea! Start with a vegan and kosher food cart

More and more guests are choosing foods that are made with organic ingredients and are free of chemicals. If you haven’t decided on the vegan route yet, you prefer the meat of animals raised in a natural environment and with absolute respect for life.

According to a TNS Research International agency survey conducted on young people from Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City, eight out of ten young people said they were concerned about environmental issues, while 60% said the adjective was “green” “It has a direct impact on your purchase decision.

The “green market” is getting stronger and is presented today as a seedbed by companies with great opportunities for success. So if you are thinking of becoming a business owner and have experience in food and beverage preparation, a good idea is one Food truck vegan and kosher.

This business idea originated in London. It was quickly put on the radar of green consumers, not only because of its simple menu – vegan burgers and hot dogs – with a gourmet touch, but also because its decor is reminiscent of a small traveling garden: the body is made of natural grass and small ones Bushes covered with flowers

Another example of Food truck vegan and kosher comes from New York: cinnamon roll. It is a somewhat more complete range of haute cuisine dishes that are easy to consume in the middle of the sidewalk or in a park. The founders included gluten-free desserts and natural drinks.

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For this company, as part of the investment, you’ll need to consider purchasing a van that has grills, refrigerators, and water, gas, and power connections. The ideal vehicles as Food truck They are given as 40,000, while the cost of the modification is between 30,000 and 140,000 depending on the material and size. The decoration can cost up to 10,000.

Consider your purchase of kitchen utensils, plates, glasses and cutlery (preferably made from recyclable materials such as bamboo), vegan products (sauces and spices) and the hiring of a kitchen assistant.

As it is a mobile company, it is recommended that you contact the branches in the area where you want to operate and apply for a travel authorization. Add a letter to this effort, signed by the residents of the neighborhood, saying that they don’t mind you settling on their streets. Get advice and support from experts like the Mexican Food Trucks Association.

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