Business idea! Start an individual bike shop

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  • The custom bike business may be a viable option for a market that is not completely overcrowded.
  • A custom bike business works best when it’s not limited to the digital channel.
  • The millennial generation has shown that it prefers sustainable proposals over environmentally sound proposals.


About 10 years ago no one in Mexico would have bet on that Bike shopunless it was a specialist in the field.

Business idea! Start an individual bike shop
Business idea! Start an individual bike shop

However, the growth of start-ups, the positioning of the millennial generation in the labor market, the unsustainability of mobility in the country’s capitals and the search for alternatives that take care of health in the most diverse aspects have resulted in a result for the market unexpected numbers.

According to Mobike Mexico, of the 35 million trips in the CDMX, only 2.2% are made by bike, which leaves a clear picture: The use of the bike can only increase further in the next year.

The custom bike business is therefore expected to be a viable option for those looking to enter a market that is not completely overcrowded and that may still have interesting business variants.

In Mexico, a few examples such as Bamboocycles, Bikespeed Custom Cycles and Pedalnet Bicycles have shown how this business can grow in a country that is gradually connected to bike culture.

While the world of two wheels was quickly moving from a niche market to a larger one, that doesn’t mean that a custom bike company shouldn’t consider certain aspects of its success.


First, it is recommended that you have sufficient knowledge of the world of bicycles, regardless of whether you are a fan of sustainable mobility or not. Anyone looking to undertake this type of project should know about the design, mechanics, and design. Identify suppliers that you can count on to start your business.

Then it is important to consider a business differential, i.e. the plus or specialization that is being offered. A very specific example is bamboocycles that have chosen one material as their trademark (bamboo), but it can also be electric motorcycles, custom mountain bikes, or equipment designed for those who work for a delivery startup. (As with Uber Eats, Rappi or BicienVĂ­a).

Once the different aspect has been identified, the channels and points of sale should also be considered.

It’s important to mention that a custom bike shop works better if it’s not limited to the digital channel, as a physical point of sale can be used to turn it into a showroom that enhances the design work behind each bike.

Likewise, the points of sale should be viewed as places of experience, where the aspect of “adaptation” or that of another differential is demonstrated, put to the test and proven against conventional bicycles.

The bicycle is a positive means of transport in every respect: it saves money, enables better mobility, reduces traffic stress, contributes to a healthier life through exercise and has been shown to reduce the risk of road accidents.

A project associated with such a noble product thus has a clear advantage in terms of communication and growth opportunities: the millennial generation has shown that they prefer sustainable proposals over environmentally friendly proposals, which is the trend in the most developed countries .

The industry has only grown in Spain since 2013. According to the Spanish Association of Brands and Bicycles, more than three thousand bicycles are sold in the European country every day, more than a million per year.

Not only is it a business that promotes health and mobility, but the world of the bicycle is also rolling into the future as a valuable alternative for big cities.

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