Business idea! Start a year-end online wine subscription

Take advantage of this healthy Mexican industry to delight the palate and sell one of the most popular items on December holidays and gift lists.

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Business idea! Start a year-end online wine subscription
Business idea! Start a year-end online wine subscription

drinking wine It’s a pleasure not to be missed, let alone accompanying a good dish, as it enhances all the flavors, textures and flavors that combine on the palate. It has been proven to be a noble drink because of its health benefits in the right proportions.

According to the Mexican Wine Council, sales of this product are growing an average of 8-10 percent per year, implying an industry that was marketed at around 4,650 million pesos in 2019.

So here’s your chance: Create your own artisanal wine brand or offer tastings at home They are not the only options for you as you can create a unique platform for your customers to enjoy the best wines through a club that gives each of its members the opportunity to discover different wines each month and tips to keep them full to appreciate it’s taste.


The best way to reach your user is through the internet. For this reason, the best thing to do is to have a website with different sections explaining what your service is about, how it works, and allowing users to buy the wines you are promoting whether or not they are members or not.

Don’t forget to also include FAQs and articles spaces to learn more about the culture of wine, as well as registration so they can join and pay for their membership.

They define the cost of membership (which can range from 700 to 3,500 pesos) but make sure that it includes benefits such as home delivery of one selection per month, tastings, invitation to dinner with pairing, or wine tours. Workshops, brochures or exclusive magazines on the subject, technical data sheets, loyalty programs and recipes, among others.

Although your username is very special, don’t forget to include different payment methods. Don’t limit yourself to just credit cards.

To achieve all of this, you need a thorough knowledge of wine. To do this, you can acquire degrees in oenology or get help from experienced oenologists so that they take care of the selection during the administration.

Make sure you have a wide catalog, because that is your added value. Includes Mexican, imported and artisanal wines, and forms alliances with producers and distributors.

Remember, your company’s mission will be to create experiences that will be remembered by your users.

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