Business idea! Start a snack and a trolley for healthy food

The so-called casual food increases the speed of fast food through the quality of the ingredients that make up the menu.

By Marissa Sánchez


Business idea! Start a snack and a trolley for healthy food
Business idea! Start a snack and a trolley for healthy food

In recent years, healthy eating has become a trend of fundamental development in consumption and industry worldwide. This emerges from a study conducted by the Institute of Food Technologies in Washington (USA) in 59 countries Food technology.

One of the ten food trends is the consumption of low-fat products, which are in demand by 63% of consumers, of which 55% focus on products with less saturated fatty acids. 40% buy low-carb foods and 71% check the labels to check the percentage of fats in the food they want to buy.

In this scenario, the classic model is even the Fast food It is no longer the best business alternative in the food services market, and entrepreneurs in the area have been looking for various formulas that will seduce consumers, the trend of which is a growing problem for the nutritional quality of food. So the so-called Casual food alternatively, combine the speed of Fast food and the quality of the ingredients that make up the menu. These are prepared dishes, but with to eat healthy food.

To our surprise it is Casual food It is beginning to grow at a dizzying pace, franchisees are following its philosophy, and in the United States they can displace the leadership of fast food businesses. Mexico is also witnessing the growth of this trend, which came to the country a few years ago and was consolidated through the creation of two major franchise companies that are protected under the motto “Fast and Health Food”.



The idea of ​​this business model is to reach the general public healthy products and very nutritious, but with the option of delivering them at certain points or even via an app such as Uber Eats or Rappi, in order to offer the consumer the greatest possible directness. In other words, your company could be a healthy product service that moves around town. For this, carts will be your main marketing tool.

There are franchisees that are dedicated to marketing similar products, but at sales stands in shopping centers. This situation points to two important points. First, it confirms that this type of business is a proven successful experience; second, that it is necessary to repair the fact that the main area in which they can offer their services is shopping centers, which leaves a huge niche in the streets and open public spaces such as squares.

Therefore, you should set up your carts in busy office areas, near gyms or universities or on the main streets and public places.

Try buying carts that are conditioned for the sale of food, with a portable washing system and space to offer your products in an attractive, neat and clean way.

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