Business idea! Sell ​​organic fruits and vegetables at home

If you’re interested in starting a business that is part of a $ 600 million market, this is a good option.

By Marissa Sánchez


Business idea! Sell ​​organic fruits and vegetables at home
Business idea! Sell ​​organic fruits and vegetables at home

In Mexico it is ecological production It grows from year to year. According to Sagarpa’s Food and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP), there was a record 32 organic foods made this year. All of this despite the fact that only 15% of production remains in Mexico (the rest is mainly exported to the United States and Europe) and that any organic fruit and vegetable can be up to 40% more expensive than the one it is made from conventional way is produced.

According to Sagarpa, blue and white maize, sesame, vegetables, agave, herbs, mango, orange, beans, apple, papaya, avocado and to a lesser extent soy, banana, cocoa and vanilla are produced organically in Mexico. Peanut, pineapple, Jamaica, lemon, coconut, walnut, lychee, chickpea, passion fruit and peach. And the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Michoacán, Chihuahua and Guerrero concentrate nearly 83% of production nationwide.

If you are interested in starting a company that not only offers a healthy food option but is also part of a $ 600 million market, it is a good option to be a distributor of organic fruits and vegetables at home to become.

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First, contact manufacturers who have the national organic badge issued by the National Service for Food Safety and Food Quality (Senasica). On the Sagarpa website you will find a list of organic producers that will make your search easier and offer guarantees to buyers.

The foundation of this venture is the ability to deliver that you have. To this end, he is developing a marketing strategy on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to promote the benefits of including organic food in daily nutrition. Complete this information with recipes and tips so that the investment in organic is not so expensive at first. This will draw consumer attention.

For logistical reasons, plan the weekly or bi-weekly delivery of orders. Finally, give your customers the opportunity to pay with credit and debit cards.

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