Business idea! Rainwear online shop

This business idea is to set up an online shop for products and accessories for the rainy season.


Summer is not just about sun, heat and vacation. As the days of July, August and September progress (even through to the end of the year) the weather becomes complex due to the rainy season. The problem is that these often have serious repercussions, especially for urban residents: street chaos, flooding on the streets, failures in lighting and public transport, etc.

Business idea! Rainwear online shop
Business idea! Rainwear online shop

All of this without taking into account the stress that arises between people, bad moods and diseases related to the respiratory system, from the flu to throat infections. And the fact is that the rains often literally do not warn and surprise people who go to work or go to work confidently without an umbrella, raincoat or something to protect them from the water.

This brings with it the need to purchase special clothing and accessories to face the rainy seasons that are constantly on offer all year round. And why not? Take the opportunity to find options that offer a design that looks great.


This business idea is to set up an online shop for products and accessories for the rainy season. This option has the advantage from the start that no physical location has to be set up. It does, however, require an initial investment of at least $ 250,000 to set up an online sales portal as well as an inventory of basic clothing.

They say love is born from sight. So the first recommendation is that you get yourself a good camera and take photo sessions for every product that makes up your catalog: rain boots, raincoats, hats, umbrellas, clothing (socks or jackets), as well as exclusive collections for children and even pets.

When considering payment methods, consider options like PayPal that not only don’t require you to develop your own, but also provide security for your users. On the other hand, alliances are formed with courier and parcel services in order to deliver orders on time. He also starts a permanent campaign on social networks. In the medium term, you can have a showroom for customers who need even more personal treatment.

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