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Business idea! Personal online assistants

August 12, 2020

Employees have to delegate their work and forget about time-consuming tasks. This is a business opportunity for you.

From Laura Vela


The delegation is good and part of the productivity and leadership. However, sometimes we sin because we don’t trust the abilities of others, we don’t want to spend, or maybe we think it is a waste of time explaining to someone how to do things.

Business idea! Personal online assistantsBusiness idea! Personal online assistants

Even so, great creatives and leaders have taught us that delegating is a great idea for growth. For example, Walt Disney stopped drawing and passed the task on to his creative team. he took it upon himself to expand his company. Richard Branson realized that he was bad at numbers and delegated this to someone else. Steve Jobs focused on doing what he knew, and the rest was taken care of by his leadership team.

There are very busy people in all areas and especially in the creative and business world. With more outstanding than time. People who delegate work and have to forget about time-consuming tasks. This is a business opportunity for you.


You can grow your money through a service that provides virtual assistants to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and busy people.

A virtual model with remote assistants makes it possible to provide workstations for people who sometimes have difficulty finding them, e.g. B. Mothers and disabled people or people who need work and flexible working hours. This allows your assistants to remotely perform administrative, marketing, and operational activities.

Of course, your proposal must be able to offer all kinds of services such as coordination, statistics and analysis. Basic research, reservations, searches and even organizing playlists.

Can we do anything No, and that is the value you have to offer: the time your customers get back in exchange for your service, as well as other extras like the fact that with a virtual assistant your customers have no workload, such as: B. the provision of insurance or vacation and do not have to prepare for mandatory appointments. What it is is that in exchange for a single membership, they can have many profiles on hand at different prices or “packages”.

Ideally, your customers will pay through PayPal, as this will not add any more pending activity to their list of activities and thus achieve the goal of saving time in all respects. Though offering other payment options isn’t bad.

And how should you choose your assistants? Since the service you offer is quality, you should take care of getting it firsthand. Ideally, they should have a university degree, go through a hiring process, have a basic understanding of technology, and have decision-making powers and an attitude towards service and learning. Keep in mind that your market would primarily be focused on entrepreneurs and freelancers. small businesses, SMEs or executives and of course anyone who wants to delegate to save time or grow their business.

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