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Business idea! Passion for animals? Open a hotel for pets

August 14, 2020

Pet owners will consider a number of factors in order to give their pet’s trust to a stranger. So be prepared.

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Business idea! Passion for animals? Open a hotel for petsBusiness idea! Passion for animals? Open a hotel for pets

He Pet business has seen a significant rise in the society of the millennial generation.

Those belonging to this social group have turned traditional forms of consumption and also the way they are grouped as a family upside down.

Lack of time, the priority of working life over family life, or the unattractiveness they find in responsibility for having children are some of the explanations that have been put forward for these behavioral changes.

An article in the newspaper The Washington Post In 2016, the boom in pets as an addition to the family was highlighted: “Three-quarters of Americans in 30 years have dogs, while 51% have catss, according to a Mintel poll. “

The increasing search for pets isn’t the only thing that has revolutionized the generation Millennial around pets, but at the same time has fueled an industry that includes all kinds of services for his loyal friends.

Nowadays it is common to find specialized pet feeding centers, pet pharmacies, dog aesthetics, and even brands dedicated to offering the latest in fashion, mainly to dress up dogs and cats.

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However, there are barriers preventing owners from taking their pets everywhere, especially when it comes to travel – another thing millennials love.

Unless it is the daughter of an oil union leader, people who travel regularly find it necessary to leave cats and dogs at home under the care of a relative in a boarding house where they will stay. locked up or under the supervision of a friend.

Hence, this trend has also created a new option for those millennials looking for a trustworthy place for their dogs and cats: pet hotels.


Customizing a hotel for pets isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Pet owners will consider a number of factors in order to give their pet’s trust to a stranger. So be prepared.

To think about a strategy, just put yourself in the shoes of the owners and ask yourself the basic questions: What kind of place would you like your dog to be? What attention should you give your cat so that she can trust such a place? How can the well-being of pets be guaranteed in a room where several of them coexist?

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Hence, it will be important to have areas where the animals won’t feel stressed or, worse, in a tight spot that they are not used to and that can be cruel.

Attention to detail is also important: from offering clean and safe places to predetermined locations or walks so that they go out to relax and take a short walk.

Now, a pet hotel is not called to work in any neighborhood in Mexico City or the country because it requires a specific audience: those who usually allocate a significant percentage of their income to their pets.

It is also important to keep in mind that your goal is 100% millennial public. Therefore, in your market research, you should consider neighborhoods that are attractive to young people.

Another point to consider is the presence of these types of facilities, which are mostly dedicated to dogs. So you could think of a differentiator that might be more likely to affect cats (cats) or all types of pets.

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Success stories

  • In Mexico, the DogHero option is available, a type of AirBnB for pets.
  • Petopia, a room with hotel, kindergarten and aesthetics. Mainly geared towards dogs.
  • Casa Luna Pet’s Club, a two-facility project in the metropolitan area, offers surveillance cameras to monitor your pet, as well as a gym, spa and kindergarten.

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