Business idea! Open an online store selling Mexican sweets


Data from the Ministry of Health shows that the per capita consumption of sweets in Mexico is 4.5 kilos per year. For their part, the chambers of the food industry announce that the total consumption of the confectionery industry in the country in just one year was 315,350 tons; Of these, 148,800 were sweets, 97,000 chocolates and 69,550 chewing gum. While national consumers increased by 10% for sweets, 7% for chocolates, 10% for rubber and 15% for snacks.

This puts Mexico in third place on the American continent in terms of sales of the confectionery industry – only after the USA and Brazil – with a value of 4.651 million US dollars.

Business idea! Open an online store selling Mexican sweets
Business idea! Open an online store selling Mexican sweets

In the midst of this ever-growing market, you can start with a concept whose added value is to bet on traditional Mexican sweets. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to create customized presentations and incorporate other ingredients to create new options that will especially conquer kids and teens.


This business model starts with a shop selling traditional sweets in a commercial building (at least 25m2) that is in a square or street level near a residential, school or corporate area. In addition to facility adequacy (approximately $ 30,000.00), you will invest primarily in supplies and finished products (average $ 50,000.00).

A good supply point is the Mexico City candy market with more than 150 shops and options for packaged sweets (lollipops, candies, chocolates, peanuts, etc.), typical Mexican sweets that are always fresh (sorted by specialist manufacturers) and fruits with different lids (made by the tenants).

Design different presentations that will make your product shine. For example, use special gift baskets or bags depending on the time of year (February 14th, May 10th and Christmas). But don’t be satisfied with the customers who come to your home, go out and look for them. You have several alternatives: a mobile model that you can take with you to children’s parties, christenings, first communions, weddings or even to a range of promotional gifts. This guarantees consumption volume and liquidity for your company.

How do I sell online?

1. Choose a platform for hosting your shop

There are many platforms that you can build your online store on. However, we without a doubt recommend Mercado Libre and Amazon, which are very easy to use and integrate all the functions of an e-commerce.

2. Choose the right provider

There are no doubt hundreds of providers on the internet, but which one is the best? This is an important question as it would improve the reputation of our business. One of the best providers on the internet is Aliexpress, which brings a wide variety of products to market at a good price and is the vendor par excellence for many Drop shipper.

3 Which products should be sold?

A very good option would be to focus on a specific niche in order to target a less competitive audience and increase the sales opportunities for your business. Some examples of profitable niches are: fashion, fitness, technology, phone accessories, watches, and groceries.

4. Promote your products

Promoting your products is critical to selling. To do this, you can create a marketing strategy that includes advertising on social networks, as it is not recommended to invest a lot in marketing at first. First, invest five dollars in Facebook ads and increase the budget for advertising as soon as the sale hits. Or use Google AdWords to position your online shop and find new customers.

Once your business is working properly, not only will you have to wait to receive the profits from your sales, but you will also have to be responsible for managing customer service and removing any doubts about your products. Remember, this part is very important as it also depends on your customers being confident enough to buy from your store and not some other recognized brand.

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