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Business idea! Open a specialized gluten-free bakery

September 4, 2020

Bread, biscuits, muesli, pizza, hamburgers, synchron and cake. Not only are these products delicious, but they also have in common that gluten is part of their composition.

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What is it?

Business idea! Open a specialized gluten-free bakeryBusiness idea! Open a specialized gluten-free bakery

Bread, cookies, cereal, pizza, hamburgers, timed and cake. Not only are these products delicious, but they also have in common that gluten is part of their composition.

Gluten is a protein that is found in a good amount of grains, mostly wheat. Hence, it is a natural element of the flours that come from this plant.

What the Bread industry and others were not expected, the trend is to at least stop eating their delicacies in order to replace them with their gluten-free version.

Known as the market “Gluten free“It is an area that is growing rapidly because of a powerful influence primarily due to health choices: people with celiac disease and those who cannot tolerate it are leading a movement that seeks to gain the joys of food at a price that won’t put your stomach at risk.

A good number of consumers have also opted for this diet, as flour is seen as one of the main sources of calories.


Euromonitor International reports agree that it is an industry that is evolving even in countries where bread is the basis of their diet.

The consulting firm MarketsandMarkets values ​​the global food market Gluten free it reaches a value of 4 thousand 480 million dollars.

Among the numerous companies that could be developed around these food alternatives, gluten-free bakeries promise the biggest gold mine.

This is because of how difficult it is to remove a piece of bread (white or sweet) from your diet as these are foods that are much more commonly consumed than others that include flour in their preparation.

In order to start a business of this type, there are a few aspects that need to be considered, both business objective and product.

The first is the knowledge required to make this type of food, that is, that it has enough texture, good taste, and presentation to be appetizing and a worthy substitute for a piece of flour bread for breakfast.

As a result, it must be remembered that one of the reasons why, even though the industry has emerged, still many people have not stepped into this trend: the cost of a gluten-free product is much higher than that of its flour wheat counterpart.

Hence for a company Gluten free In order to have a positive result and growth in line with global industry, the entrepreneur needs to find an adequate potential market (an area in which a favorable economic position of residents approaches, as well as a community whose priorities are health and good nutrition ).

If this were not a reality and a business prospect with an extremely promising future, the major companies in the food world would not be entering the discussion with increasing power and products: Kellogg’s, Kraft Heinz, Barilla, Dr. Schar AG, among many others.

Examples of success

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