Business idea! Open a personalized letter and document service

Notary work is very traditional in Mexico and technology penetration has not made it go away completely.

From Laura Vela.


Business idea! Open a personalized letter and document service
Business idea! Open a personalized letter and document service

Sometimes we lack words to express how we feel about a person, all the more so when we want to do it through the written word. However, there are writing professionals who can translate your feelings into a very special letter dedicated to loved ones thanks to a “virtual public desk”.

Scribes no longer exist as such today, but they have evolved. Those who took on other people’s thoughts to get them down on paper with the help of a typewriter ceased their services (although you can still find some in places like Santo Domingo, Mexico City). However, the need persists and is not due to lack of access to a machine or problems related to education. Today we are looking for the best words to express the most diverse emotions.


Here is an opportunity. Today technology will be your great ally. They can create a platform on which to offer your service and explain in a simple way how to order. You can even offer formats of legal documents, resumes, love letters, etc.

It is convenient that you not only list the types of documents you can offer (letters, essays, speeches, poems), but also create forms that include related questions about the length of the document, the subject, and any additional information if it is addressed to a man or woman, etc., so that you can make the documents as naturally as possible.

It also provides contact options in case you need more information at any time. This can be online chat, Facebook page, telephone, email, among others.

When making payments, you can help yourself in many ways, e.g. B. PayPal, debit or credit card payments, convenience stores, bank deposits.

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