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Business idea! Mobile veterinary clinic

August 16, 2020

Get started and offer immediate service that will make life easier for owners and provide the best care for their pets.


Pets are becoming more important in families every day. Their care and health are extremely important issues to them, which is why the services and products that satisfy them are very popular.

Business idea! Mobile veterinary clinicBusiness idea! Mobile veterinary clinic

However, when the pet gets sick it is often difficult to move or has insufficient time to move, or when an emergency arises at night, there is no 24-hour veterinary clinic nearby nearby.

Hence, it undertakes and offers an immediate service that will make life easier for owners and the best care for their pets.


  • Customize the interior of a truck (RV or van) with folding tables to examine the animals. It includes cages, a scale, stretchers, shelves, a sink, and drawers for medicines.
  • The basic services they offer are: normal and 24-hour emergency consultations, vaccinations, bathing and haircuts, and sales of accessories.
  • Also install a handheld showerhead and medium bathtub. Use a hot air vacuum cleaner for express drying.
  • The estimated investment amount is $ 500,000 (depending on the cost and customization of the vehicle).

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