Business idea! Mobile dessert marketplace

Small businesses selling low-sugar, low-fat, gluten-free, diabetic desserts, among others, are becoming increasingly popular.

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Despite the taxes the government has put in place on foods high in fat and added sugar and trends highlighting the benefits of healthy eating, the truth is that Mexicans continue to be “sweet.”

Business idea! Mobile dessert marketplace
Business idea! Mobile dessert marketplace

However, according to a Euromonitor report, the brands specializing in this market have remained strong by adding new flavors and approaches to their catalog.

And small companies that, among other things, sell sugar-, fat- and gluten-free desserts or diabetics have not lagged behind. Now they are becoming more popular.

However, new trends need to focus not only on the properties of the product, but also on the way it is sold. If “time is money”, can you indulge your taste buds while driving with the help of technology the economy?


You can change the way desserts are sold and bought through a marketplace so anyone can sell the pastries they make at home and others can buy and enjoy them at home.

You can create a platform, an app, or both to connect pastry chefs with customers that way.

The customer just has to enter your platform or download your app and view the dessert catalog, choose the most suitable for them, coordinate the delivery and enjoy. They can also offer the option of offering personalized desserts or catering for events.

Of course, you need to hire qualified staff or staff who are knowledgeable about cooking and mass production, and you need to make sure that they prepare the desserts under strict hygiene practices. In order to build your platform or app, it is important that you use the services of a developer. Since your company has a very technological approach, it is recommended that you have a strong presence on social networks. You can hire a community manager for this purpose.

Don’t forget to add value to your products by adding exotic ingredients or dessert lines for people with special needs.

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