Business idea! How to start a grasshopper business

Would you like to offer a healthy product that shows the best of Mexico and is different at the same time? This is a great option.

  • ChapulĂ­n is a product with high nutritional value.
  • Because of their high protein content, insects are considered “superfoods”.
  • You can access the programs of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Why?

He grasshopper can be purchased in the state Oaxaca, Tlaxcala or Puebla at a price of $ 28 per kilogram; In Europe, however, the kilo costs up to $ 1,000. It is a product with high nutritional value; It is a source of protein and aids digestion as well as blood circulation. In addition, it is fashionable in gourmet, health food, and health food stores.

Business idea! How to start a grasshopper business
Business idea! How to start a grasshopper business

Traditional trapping of this insect is carried out by rural groups in the field, so locusts are exposed to insecticides that are harmful to health. Julieta Ramos Elorduy, entomologist and researcher at the UNAM Institute of Biology, created a grasshopper farm without pollutants.

It’s not just a business that can be very profitable. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the inclusion of insects as an important part of human nutrition is essential when considering global food shortages. The United Nations Food Organization (FAO) believes that insects like grasshoppers, worms, and ants will be an essential part of children’s diets by 2050.

Insects are considered “superfoods” because of their high protein content, low concentration of harmful fats, good iron, calcium, essential amino acids and B12 food supplements. In addition, they position themselves on the market as a real alternative to products containing gluten. In addition, cricket flour was a popular ingredient in the Paleolithic.

According to Entofarms, making 10 grams of cricket meal requires 12 times fewer resources than making 10 grams of beef protein for human consumption.


How it goes?

It takes approximately 500 square meters and an investment of nearly $ 3,000,000 to form a locust producing farm. $ 2,000,000 for technology and intellectual capital acquisition; $ 1,000,000 in working capital. This is for large scale farming, but you can start making dishes with crickets that you can buy at Central de Abastos, the San Juan Market, or the typical Oaxacan product trucks.

Locusts feed on alfalfa, grass, etc., but you can start with small plots and then gradually increase your production as your sales increase. In this way, you can start the production of locusts in a controlled and high quality manner.

Not only can you sell locusts in their lean form, but you can also develop your own line of products made from these insects, such as Gorumet foods and even pet food supplements.

You can even access the programs from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Market niches: Sale of grasshoppers as a raw material to food production companies; Preparation of sauces, dressings and snacks from the grasshopper.

Examples of success

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