Business idea for freelancers: Online card design

Dare to put together an online service to help companies develop the most effective direct marketing tool.

By Laura Vela


Having business cards is essential for a business and its employees. However, costs rise if an expert is hired to design them. Otherwise, resorting to establishments where the design or quality of printing are not the best, can result in a bad image for the company.

What to do then when you want to find a midpoint ?, stay waiting? There you can find your opportunity.


Business idea for freelancers: Online card design
Business idea for freelancers: Online card design

The traditional process of creating corporate cards includes finding a designer, explaining your needs, waiting for your proposal, asking for changes or adjustments, going to the printing press, paying for services and picking up the order. But you can make it much easier:

Create a website with a catalog of designs for business cards (or any other type of stationery as invitations) for users to customize an established design, create their own or upload the file of their current cards.

With a few more clicks within your site you can upload the final design, pay online and wait for the result at the address indicated in less than a week.

To achieve this, your best way to attract customers will be through an attractive site. Both on the page and in the catalog you will offer.

With the catalog of designs you must be especially careful: you must have a good number of machots so that users have options to create in the editor. This should ideally have different types and sizes of letters as well as colors, paper type, corners, laminate and number of cards. It is also recommended that you filter by categories, whether by professions or styles.

Your added value will be the speed with which customers prepare and obtain their designs, but you must also rely on the price. By eliminating the cost of an establishment and the constant work of designers, the ideal is that you offer affordable costs, since also having a single supplier of quality prints will reduce the price of your product.

The more variety you offer, the better.

Remember that business cards do a lot for a company, as they are the most effective direct marketing tool, they are the first impression of a brand, they show that whoever carries them is prepared, they allow the exchange of information and the most creative are shared by the prospects. So if you know how to carry it, it can become a good business for you.

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