Business idea! Another suggestion: massages for pets!

In Mexico there is one dog and around seven million cats for every seven inhabitants. A very attractive potential market.


Pets get very stressed. Especially if you live in the city, in apartments or houses with very small terraces.

Business idea! Another suggestion: massages for pets!
Business idea! Another suggestion: massages for pets!

Whether it’s a dog, cat, or hamster, by having them at home we are changing their natural habits and metabolism. Many are locked up, and in some houses they are maximally exposed to the noise of the residents and loud music.

According to experts, the hectic city life has affected pets in such a way that the levels of osteoporosis, stress, deafness and eye problems have increased dramatically.

According to Lola Michelin, founder of the Northwest School of Animal Massage, regular massages can help prevent a pet from developing arthritis in adulthood.

It’s not just about petting. Maryjean Ballner, author of Cat massagea therapist should be able to give healing strokes and make soothing noises. According to his expert opinion, massages and sounds help stimulate the pet’s circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Because of this, many specialists have found that pet massage is a very useful and necessary service. While it may seem hard to believe, it is true that there are professionals out there who can give you one massage to dogs and cats. Today, classes are taught and specialized treatments are offered that animal lovers are willing to pay for to improve their wellbeing.

These treatments help relax muscles, give strength, improve blood circulation, and make joints and muscles more flexible. Start relaxing pets and their owners!

A detail of the potential market: According to the Minister of Health of Mexico City, there is one dog for every seven residents. This equates to more than 1.2 million dogs. Added to this are the data published by the UNAM’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zoo Technology: it is estimated that there are around seven million cats in the country. This makes Mexico the nation with the highest number of dogs and cats in Latin America.


This idea can be turned into a company very easily. But first you should analyze the legal requirements that exist in your region for handling animals. There are places where you can get the necessary education, such as: B. Dog Massage Mexico. You can also contact the International Association of Animal Massage and Physiotherapists for information on the courses and resources they have for you.

The aim is to create a massage service for all types of pets, with a particular focus on dogs and cats.

To start your business, you can offer this Home Service. This makes it easier to obtain the necessary capital and resources. All you need is a stretcher, a massage course, a care number and a website optimized so that animal lovers can find you. As the business grows over time, don’t miss the opportunity to open a specialty store.

You need to be very careful and sensitive with pet massages. You need to be careful not to apply too much pressure. Simply press lightly on the circular motions with two or three fingers. The level of pressure also depends on the size and type of pet.

It is recommended that you always give him food after and during therapy. The animal will take this as an incentive and relax and feel more lively.

To help him relax, you should repeat his name several times during the session, accompanying these words with gestures of affection. Do this by speaking softly and softly. In order to achieve a good disposition of the animal, it is strongly recommended to place it on a table or a stretcher with a low height. or on a sofa.

Experts recommend starting with a five to ten minute session every day and then gradually increasing the time.

They can also offer the use of Shiatsu massages to relax your patients. This is a pressure massage method that combats the imbalance of the body and mind. Dogs in particular will be completely relaxed with their benefits.

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